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Stainless steel cooker splashback in new house

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PigletJohn Fri 08-Mar-13 01:14:45

stainless steel is curiously difficult to drill into. It contains chrome which is very hard, and I understand it work-hardens when the drill gets on it.

I expect engineers have some special kind of drill for it.

There might be cables or pipes in the wall where you want to drill.

MrsJamin Thu 07-Mar-13 22:28:20

I wouldn't drill through something that was already there- sounds like a bad idea to me. Can't you do something else with your utensils?

Eve Thu 07-Mar-13 22:04:10

My previous one was tiled & I had a hanging rail for utensils, ladles etc.

Can I drill through the stainless steel to hang something similar... Have googled and those with rails all seem to come per drilled.

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