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So pissed off with our vendor! Is pulling out now just cutting off our nose to spite our face?

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AngryFeet Thu 07-Mar-13 19:48:43

[[ Here is my first thread about this]].

Vendor is now saying he wont pay the indemnity insurance. It is £76!! I am so annoyed with him. Don't know what to do next. Call his bluff or just swallow the 76 quid. We are still waiting for the solicitors report with the results of searches but aside from that we are close to exchange. No other houses in the area that suit.

tallulah Fri 08-Mar-13 11:40:12

We had this but from the other side when we moved. We had an internal garage which we turned into an internal room.

At the last minute the buyers solicitors demanded insurance. It caused huge ructions and we felt exactly as you do now. I expect your vendor feels just as angry as you. This is another new con thing.

DH was so angry he threatened to just pull down the wall and pull up the floor to make it back into a garage.

He didn't but we refused to pay the insurance and said if they wanted it they could pay, since it wouldn't benefit us at all.

AngryFeet Fri 08-Mar-13 11:58:22

But tallulah in the end he didn't get planning permission and building regs and he should have done. So we are taking a bit of a gamble tbh. The council could technically come after us (unlikely but not impossible) and get us to pull it down. It could have been badly built (again unlikely). So if he is angry at us he is a bit of an arsehole tbh.

Either way I am going to pay it. Still pisses me off. Especially since he didn't mention these extensions and the lack of documentation at any point until we brought it up this far down the line (partially solicitors faults admittedly).

noddyholder Fri 08-Mar-13 12:59:57

Our vendor is being a pain too He suggested wednesday to exchange with friday to complete (today). I did all the money and sent it etc and now our solicitor says they are not answering! We are in rented so its not vital we complete today but I need to get the keys from the agent which is in another town about 20 miles away! I would in your situation probably pay the 76 to end the stress!

bemybebe Fri 08-Mar-13 13:17:10

Looking at the other thread, iI you are not prepared to pay £76 as one of the costs to buy that house, you should not proceed. This situation is not unique and you should not feel that strong about it. Remember, you are buying a home, not doing a favour to your vendor by buying his property.

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