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House smells of weed... but no one smokes it?

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Tau Fri 01-Mar-13 15:57:04

We are trying to sell our house, which isn't going well at all, and since a few days we have an added problem: the house smells very strongly of weed (aka pot, marihuana, cannabis). The smell comes and goes, and is currently the strongest in the main bedroom. Sometimes it can be smelled outside too.
We've had this happen every year, but I can't remember if it was always the same time of the year.

No one in our house smokes or grows it (Yes, I am sure my son is not the culprit - the smell is worst when he is in school anyway.)

I doubt it's the next door neighbours because the current neighbours are the third set we've had and they can't ALL have been heavy pot smokers! They don't seem the type anyway.

I've read that a plant called phlox can smell like that, but we don't have that plant and so far I cannot see it in any of the neighbours' gardens either.
To be honest it didn't bother us before, but now I fear that if we eventually get viewers this may put them off...

So, what could be causing this smell?

NotGoodNotBad Sun 03-Mar-13 20:22:47

Well, Tau, if you smell it in your house.. and in town... it must be you. grin

serin Sun 03-Mar-13 22:57:08

Where do you live Tau? I am wondering if its Totnes or Glastobury grin

uptherear Sun 03-Mar-13 23:58:29

Could be bat poo and when attic heats up with sun you can smell it.

uptherear Sun 03-Mar-13 23:59:52

Why not stick your head into attic and sniff? Bet its bat piss/shit as really odd smell.

BrittaPerry Mon 04-Mar-13 00:03:44

I'm having a very similar issue!

Although in my case it is almost certainly next door smoking.

Tau Mon 04-Mar-13 08:52:44

Hehe, NotGoodNotBad, my partner did suggest that perhaps we are suffering flashbacks to our younger years.... wink

And no, we don't live in Totnes or Glastonbury either!

Our seagrass basket appear to be fine. Still no smell today, but if it comes back I shall go and sniff that attic.

If it are bats, should we do something about that? I mean,I like bats, and they are protected, aren't they? So I wouldn't want them gone... But I grew up in a tropical country and there we had to have the loft space cleared out every few years because the ceiling would start to bend under the weight of the bat droppings. I don't recall smelling anything, but perhaps tropical bats smell different, or we didn't smell it because the windows were always open, or we were so used to it that we didn't notice...

uptherear Mon 04-Mar-13 16:49:51

Depends which kind of bat. Some species only roost in the attic during summer and leave over winter. Winter would be the time to go up and clean up any droppings but ime it only helps a little. They defo stink!!

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