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Moving from London to Bishop's!

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sikanetter Thu 28-Feb-13 21:54:53

Hi there

I'm a mum of two and we currently live in south west London. We've been looking for a house in this area for a while and we realised that we are never going to find a house we like and so we've decided to start looking for houses outside of London.

Whilst looking at various places, I have come across Bishop's Stortford. From first impressions the town and it's surroundings look nice but it's completely different to London i.e. quieter, not a lot of people around (compared to London), less shops and restaurants and well it's just a different life style completely. We're finding it very difficult to take the plunge and leave the London life behind us. DH works near Liverpool St station so from a commuting point of view, BS would be good for him. Also prior to having children I used to work in London and would like to go back to work when the kids start school.

Are there any mums out there who have moved from London to BS? If so how have you found it? Also any mums who live in BS and work in London? How do you cope with commuting and taking kids to school and family life in general? I would really appreciate your opinions/comments.

Looking forward to your reading your posts.

allaflutter Wed 06-Mar-13 00:19:20

'won't have time to travel'

HalleLouja Wed 06-Mar-13 12:56:37

I also like hitchin. A bit further out but a nice vibe.

sikanetter Fri 08-Mar-13 19:49:43

Sorry for the delay in replying. I have heard of Hitchin before. I will add it to my list.

allaflutter yes it was crowded but for me crowded is nice. I like living in a town which is buzzing with people. I agree re property, there is hardly anything around at the moment which is why we're considering other areas around St A. We're off on holiday for a good couple of weeks soon. Will carry on looking on our return.

mrsravelstein Fri 08-Mar-13 19:53:25

i moved to b/s from london 2 years ago. it's fabulous. great state schools. nice houses. very friendly people, i felt more at home here within about 3 months than i had done in my whole life in London (and i really liked London!). and the facebook group somebody mentioned upthread is brilliant for meeting people, regardless of whether it was once set up as a netmums thing, there are tons of nice people on it, and lots of stuff going on to help you meet people.

FridayMummy Tue 19-Mar-13 21:54:38

Bit late joining this thread sorry! I think if you are a city girl at heart definitely go for a town over a village and go for the fast train line option if you can afford to. BS /St Albans have that advantage over say Ware or Hertford. We moved from London to live in a small hamlet a year ago thinking the grass would be greener and it'd be best or the kids, that may well prove to true, but at the moment i feel like we made a very expensive mistake, i.e the commutes a drag, (I'm on a slow line into London) the need to drive everywhere is annoying and village life if I'm being honest, seems a wee bit dull : (

chocoholic73 Tue 26-Mar-13 14:56:31


I've just moved to Bishops Stortford and my feelings are mixed, but that's largely because I've moved to an estate way out of town and I have to use the car for absolutely everything, which is a bugbear. I'm told the town has lots of fantastic schools, but I am seriously struggling to find a decent nursery, which is on par with my last one before we moved. I have visited two so far and was disappointed with both so little one is at home with me at the moment. I'd really appreciate any suggestions for nurseries?

The town is quite self-sufficient and has many main shops, but shopping for clothes is difficult...that isn't a prob as London and Cambridge are close by. Commute into London is popular and takes between 31 -45 mins.

Are there any mums out there who'd like to meet up? I've seen the link to the FB page, but I don't have a FB account.

Kveta Sun 28-Apr-13 20:08:01

chocoholic - come and join us here!

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