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What colour to paint kitchen walls?

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MrsJREwing Sat 02-Mar-13 17:51:33

I saw that there is a lot of electrical's for the kitchen in bright colours coming in, orange etc.

worsestershiresauce Sat 02-Mar-13 13:31:49

Feature walls look very dated. With such a classic sounding kitchen I would keep the walls simple, clean, and neutral and add colours with accessories, blinds etc.

I've just had a new kitchen fitted - elephants breath woodwork, and cupboards, limestone floor, wood worktops, white splash backs, and bright south facing french windows. We've kept the walls white, and I'm pleased with the decision as it doesn't look boring or clinical (as I suspected), just lovely and bright. We've introduced colour using pictures, blinds, table cloth, and the range is a duck egg blue.

Yorky Sat 02-Mar-13 13:23:26

Sorry for disappearing

The floor is oak laminate.

I've done some testers and like Crown bamboo leaf so far if we're going green, but very tempted by Dulux Salsa red if we're doing a feature/contrast wall. Your bluey-green sounds really nice Zippy, might have to get me some more testers!

If we did a contrast wall it would be on the long wall, with the hob/splashback and wall units at the kitchen end, and a bookcase, radiator and wall lights at the dining room end which we're planning to make into a rogues' gallery grin Is it a waste of a bold colour to cover so much of it?

ILikeBirds Fri 01-Mar-13 13:31:30

What type of floor have you got?

zippy30 Fri 01-Mar-13 13:20:14

We've just painted our kitchen in Laura Ashley duck egg blue. It has off-white units, grey quartz worktop and pale grey floor tiles.

Must have tried about 20 testers in various shades of blue and green, but the one we picked in the end looks great. Even though it's blue, it doesn't look cold, if that makes any sense?

Another nice greeny blue we tried was Crown period 'Flagon'. Laura Ashley eau de nil is more of a green duck-egg shade, but a lovely colour too.

Fallenangle Thu 28-Feb-13 22:06:30

Black accesories to match splashback could work. What colour are your appliances? Colour match of woodwork to units sounds nice. You haven't mentioned floor colour but I doubt it will clash with anything. You will need a washable paint e.g. eggshell.

Yorky Thu 28-Feb-13 19:57:07

That sounds nice Mrssmooth, I like the idea of the accessories as spots of colour - I'd been dreaming of a cream kitchenaid to co-ordinate, but may rethink that grin

And what about woodwork (skirting/doorframes)?
I'm learning to move away from my parents' default PBW gloss, but not sure what to use instead!
Cream to match the units might look nice against green walls? or is white OK?

mrssmooth Thu 28-Feb-13 17:38:36

Just painted ours in Dulux "Willow". We have white units but it looks rather nice even if I do say so myself. I've gone for red accessories (storage cannisters, teatowels, worktop saver etc). Just got to find a matching blind, put up a shelf or two and we're sorted wink

MrsJREwing Thu 28-Feb-13 17:27:25

I like cream with a coffee or sage green feature wall.

Yorky Thu 28-Feb-13 17:24:58

OK, green seems popular smile
And no-one likes the idea of a feature/colour wall
Now I just need to find the right shade - the ones I've tried seem to be either too dark or too light!

No tiles Fallen, a black glass splashback behind the hob, and little wooden upstands along the back of the worktop. I'm hoping that kitchen paint will be wipe-able enough to cope.

Fallenangle Thu 28-Feb-13 15:01:22

Pale green sounds good and seems to be trendy. Will there be tiles? What colour?

ExpatWifey Thu 28-Feb-13 14:56:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Yorky Thu 28-Feb-13 14:40:37

New kitchen is now ordered grin, cream shaker cupboards with wooden worktops and black appliances
And work starts on the extension to put it in next week (more grin)

Should we paint the walls cream, will that make it look bland. Will painting one wall a stronger colour, possibly red, brighten it up or look odd?
Would a pale green all over be a better option?
Would a pale coffee colour look warm, or grubby?

There is a south facing window at one end of the long narrow room, and bi folding north facing doors onto the garden at the other end.

Looking forward to hearing your experiences and ideas smile

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