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Are grey walls too cold? Will it date too quickly?

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bigyellow Tue 26-Feb-13 09:15:05

We are about to paint our living room which is quite light with big windows either side. I am looking for a neutral colour which can be used as a backdrop for the rest of the room which will have more colour in the sofa, cushions etc. The curtains are harlequin kallianthi olea.
I like the idea of a blue grey colour on the walls but DH thinks it will look too cold. I did think it will look ok given the amount of light that's in the room anyway but am now not so sure.
Any ideas of paint colours that would work well with the curtains?

Mrsdp123 Thu 28-Feb-13 14:51:37

I love grey but we painted our basement kitchen/dining room grey and tbh it just looked like an undercoat and that we hadn't bothered to finish it off...DH was delighted when about 3 months later I took to the walls with white. Also the grey was hideous for showing up grubby fingermarks from grubby children I am a big fan of brilliant white (although not the paint we used, can't remember what it was but some form of Dulux and it is shit). It is white all the way for me (though I do lust after any grey wall I see in a magazine).

noddyholder Thu 28-Feb-13 10:18:27

Earthborn paints do a colour called Woodsmoke which is lovely and Kevin McCloud alabaster or Lime White also nice neutrals.

noddyholder Thu 28-Feb-13 10:14:35

I do like grey think it looks great in a certain house but it is everywhere! I viewed so many houses and all the ones that had been 'done' for sale were grey! I still love pure white and the farrow and ball ones that are veering more to green. Cornforth always lovely and I am liking great white too. Pink very nice too if you get the right pale clay/plaster colour with white woodwork and dark slate carpet

imip Wed 27-Feb-13 22:07:53

We have farrow and ball skimming stone - a compromise colour as we wanted grey but every grey we tried in our living area (both north and south facing), looked crap in one part of the room while great in the other. It was the only colour that seems to suit throughout the house. At times it appears brown, others times greys, depending on the light. Not my ideal colour, as I preferred a cool grey, however it is very calming and relaxing.

MerylStrop Wed 27-Feb-13 20:57:11

Mid to dark grey can be oppressive unless there is lots of natural light and will be an absolute bugger to paint over. Its also a bit try hard.

We have gorgeous light neutral grey in our front living room, and everyone always comments on how lovely it is, it is very light reflective, warm and slightly purplish in tone, we have it with creams and olive greens.

BananaPie Wed 27-Feb-13 20:49:30

Not convinced that grey is ubiquitous yet. Magnolia / variations on beige are still much more common. There aren't all that many options if you want a neutral colour!

staverton Wed 27-Feb-13 20:47:59

Noddyholder what would you use now?
It's interesting that the mags eg Elle deco / living etc still are into grey but to me it is already getting dated. Especially the darker colours (eg pavilion grey and maybe cornforth) with white woodwork.

Wishiwasanheiress Wed 27-Feb-13 18:59:14

If you like Kelly hoppen, or want your house to look neutral/ like a hotel or its period type then grey works very well. That's the kind of way the house update shows have used stone shades for donkeys. I don't think it's going out of fashion any time soon tbh

I'd love my house to look that clean and tidy. It won't though til my toddlers leave home.....

AnnoyingOrange Wed 27-Feb-13 18:51:09

I remember a friend of mine doing her house in grey. It was in the eighties grin

noddyholder Wed 27-Feb-13 18:42:13

Grey is dated. I painted my last 2 developments grey and buyers liked it but it is very commonplace now and hard to get right if the room is badly lit.

SunnyUpNorth Wed 27-Feb-13 18:39:26

We had dulux grey steel 1 in a bedroom in our last house and I loved it. We have done two rooms in our new house in dulux Just Walnut which I love, it is a kind of greige.

Have also used Egyptian cotton, also by dulux, which is nice but I prefer just walnut.

Have just painted our living room in Oval Room Blue by F&B whic is definitely a blue but can be quite murky and greyish in low light, I love it!

itsmummynotmum Wed 27-Feb-13 18:09:43

warm grey is nice - we are in the process of doing most of the house in Dulux - called Dawn something or other but wouldn't recommend their Once paint! you can't go over bits v well.

colour is fab though - very matt and a sort of 'putty' colour (but greyer!)

staverton Wed 27-Feb-13 17:19:53

I have been wondering the same thing, as yes I think grey will date.
We have strong white in the hall and it's lovely.
I'm thinking paler shades of off white/grey with bright accents.

Zoelda Wed 27-Feb-13 07:06:42

I think a very pale green looks much fresher and doesn't seem to date in the same way

I like the idea of burnt orange tho.

Devora Tue 26-Feb-13 22:51:28

Grey has become ubiquitous but the question is, does that bother you? It is a fantastic neutral and goes so well with a whole range of other colours. If you're not going for grey, but you want neutral, what do you end up with: magnolia? White?

Anyway, if you like grey but you're worried about being a design cliche, I reckon the thing to do is to go for a very pale neutral grey that isn't too much of a statement. We have grey throughout our house but because we've gone for pale neutrals I'm not sure many people would even notice - they're more likely to notice our strong accent colours. So we have F&B strong white through most of the house, which looks white until you put it next to pure white, when it goes a really pretty soft grey. It looks really good with mustard, ochre and olive accents. I have Homebase Putty in my kitchen and bathroom and it is a lovely colour - greigey with cool creamy undertones. It looks fabulous with burnt orange, and also with blues and greens. F&B Blackened in our bedroom, a cool pale grey which looks pale blue in some lights - it is quite cold, but works with silver, plum and charcoal.

Honesttodog Tue 26-Feb-13 22:04:24

I've been to a grey living room and i found it a bit much, a bit too depressing in winter. I would need lots of lamps and colour against it.

Zoelda Tue 26-Feb-13 21:57:45

Grey grey everywhere

Looks dated already

BananaPie Tue 26-Feb-13 21:40:18

We accidentally painted our bedroom grey (don't ask). Think it's homebase "putty". I quite like it. Bit more modern than beige tones.

Iaintdunnuffink Tue 26-Feb-13 12:08:11

I love the dulux potters clay smile it'd make a gorgeous living room colour.

kitsmummy Tue 26-Feb-13 10:36:49

I've used Cornforth White in my bedroom before and it was lovely - calm, soothing and not cold.

25catsnameSam Tue 26-Feb-13 10:32:22

Phone / edit fail blush

25catsnameSam Tue 26-Feb-13 10:31:12

We have dulux potters clay which is a warmer grey, Cool grey is lovely but we have a very big sitting room and it looked a tad chilly. We tried out various tester pots, I was amazed at how much the colour changes in different light.

25catsnameSam Tue 26-Feb-13 10:24:15

We have dulux potters clay which is warmer. Cool geey is nuce butvwe have a very big sitting room and it looked a tad chilly. I Suggest you get tester pots and paint various bits of your room to try different greys out, I was amazed at how much they change in different light.

MortifiedAdams Tue 26-Feb-13 10:23:45

DD has grey walls, and they are like a denim sort of look (in texture, if that makes any sense). Homebase's own, warm grey with white ceiling and woodwork and green accessories. It's so so lovely that we want to swap rooms grin

MrsMarigold Tue 26-Feb-13 10:19:42

When I go down to the cellar I will check what Farrow and Ball it is. Good luck - it's a tricky business.

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