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Are grey walls too cold? Will it date too quickly?

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bigyellow Tue 26-Feb-13 09:15:05

We are about to paint our living room which is quite light with big windows either side. I am looking for a neutral colour which can be used as a backdrop for the rest of the room which will have more colour in the sofa, cushions etc. The curtains are harlequin kallianthi olea.
I like the idea of a blue grey colour on the walls but DH thinks it will look too cold. I did think it will look ok given the amount of light that's in the room anyway but am now not so sure.
Any ideas of paint colours that would work well with the curtains?

MerylStrop Wed 27-Feb-13 20:57:11

Mid to dark grey can be oppressive unless there is lots of natural light and will be an absolute bugger to paint over. Its also a bit try hard.

We have gorgeous light neutral grey in our front living room, and everyone always comments on how lovely it is, it is very light reflective, warm and slightly purplish in tone, we have it with creams and olive greens.

imip Wed 27-Feb-13 22:07:53

We have farrow and ball skimming stone - a compromise colour as we wanted grey but every grey we tried in our living area (both north and south facing), looked crap in one part of the room while great in the other. It was the only colour that seems to suit throughout the house. At times it appears brown, others times greys, depending on the light. Not my ideal colour, as I preferred a cool grey, however it is very calming and relaxing.

noddyholder Thu 28-Feb-13 10:14:35

I do like grey think it looks great in a certain house but it is everywhere! I viewed so many houses and all the ones that had been 'done' for sale were grey! I still love pure white and the farrow and ball ones that are veering more to green. Cornforth always lovely and I am liking great white too. Pink very nice too if you get the right pale clay/plaster colour with white woodwork and dark slate carpet

noddyholder Thu 28-Feb-13 10:18:27

Earthborn paints do a colour called Woodsmoke which is lovely and Kevin McCloud alabaster or Lime White also nice neutrals.

Mrsdp123 Thu 28-Feb-13 14:51:37

I love grey but we painted our basement kitchen/dining room grey and tbh it just looked like an undercoat and that we hadn't bothered to finish it off...DH was delighted when about 3 months later I took to the walls with white. Also the grey was hideous for showing up grubby fingermarks from grubby children I am a big fan of brilliant white (although not the paint we used, can't remember what it was but some form of Dulux and it is shit). It is white all the way for me (though I do lust after any grey wall I see in a magazine).

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