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Mottingham. How safe?

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Skodaa Sun 24-Feb-13 01:12:30

Thank you MrsPear. I appreciate your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that but I understand now, why the prices are so cheap for a property in good condition. I've been to the area again just to walk and see the people. I was trying to ask one guy about this area on the street, but he ignored me, he didn't even stop and look at me(. I was also trying to speak to a potential neighbour but he waved his hand like "go.. I will not speak to you" ... and this was insulting(. Unfortunatelly I have read only negative comments about this area. But any way I wish all the best those people.

Thank you! I might start another topic "what area could be a good place to bringing up a child" and appreciate your advice)

MrsPear Sat 23-Feb-13 17:22:55

If we are talking the estate i grew up there - was very different with long established families and a sense of community. However it has changed. Big homeownership - over 70% but many seem to be buy to let people. So it is a transicint [sp] community. I would say it has also come more run down (the entire local community police team were sacked!) and tbh i am shocked at what it has become; i left and only go to visit family. The only one left is my nan and even she has asked to be moved to sheltered housing off the estate. My mum and all her friends have sold up and left.

Skodaa Sat 23-Feb-13 17:09:18

Hi fatnfrumpy, thank you very much for your advise... will be thinking

fatnfrumpy Sat 23-Feb-13 14:38:21

Ian,t say I know that much about Mottingham, I have driven through on the way up to Lee Green. It looks a bit rough tbh, hign street looks like a non-event , lots of trainers, jogging bottom clad middle age men hanging around.
We had a tenant move into one of our properties last year.
They were having their first baby and left Mottingham as they didn,t want to bring up a baby there. Dad now faces a hour each way commute to London.
Sorry thats all I know!

Skodaa Fri 22-Feb-13 22:33:24

Dear All, I am looking for buying a property and were attracted by some houses in Chapel Farm Road. The prices are rather good and the area looked not bad. Could you please share your opinion as to how safe and quiet this area for a young couple with a baby. We will appreciate as much usefull information/recomendation you can provide. Thank yousmile

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