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Oil tank owners - do you have a Tiger Loop and does it work?

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MrsAmaretto Fri 22-Feb-13 18:08:31

Ours is maybe 20m away but on the level. Never heard of a tiger loop. Have had lots of problems with the damn boiler recently (7years old) and it kept locking out (same as cutting out?) we've now had the boiler's pump replaced and no problems since.

betterwhenthesunshines Thu 21-Feb-13 12:53:10

Our oil tank used to serve a Rayburn which had the boiler for the heating etc, but during building works the Rayburn has been removed and we have a new (Grant) boiler in a new ground floor location, but slightly further away. This keeps cutting out and the engineer is now suggesting we move the oil tank hmm which seems a bit of an over-reaction to me.

The tank is approx 20m away with a 1.5m - 1.8m rise to the boiler. They have fitted a Tiger Loop which they says is not doing the job (although it should be able to do a 3.6m raise over 30m). I think it is more likely to be air getting into the system somehow.

How far away is your tank? Do you need a Tiger Loop? Have you ever had any issues and how has it been resolved?

TIA (project is supposed to be completed in 6 working days so really a bit late for all this stuff and it's driving me nuts sad

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