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Dulwich or Balham?

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Honesttodog Sat 16-Feb-13 22:15:17

trying to find a family home which we will be in for 10 yrs or more.

We want to be on heaver estate in balham but have been to see a gorgeous house in east dulwich today and now I think i prefer dulwich.

Balham has great connections as you have tube and train, but is a bit dull for me, not that many great cafes or restaurants. Lavish habit is the only place I really like.

My DH would rather live in Balham as it's smarter, more stable house prices and value more likely to increase

I think I would be happier in Dulwich as people seemed more chilled out, nice community. But we'd have to start from scratch finding a place in a private school for DD for Sept 13. we can get a bigger place in dulwich for our money than in balham.

Any thoughts?

spotty26 Sun 24-Feb-13 08:40:49

I like both areas very much but the Properties on the Heaver and proximity to the Common would swing it for me. The roads are wide buckets of period features. Ritherdon Road is so lovely now with the street party and lovely shops. You can still go and hang out in ED if you like it too.

Is it Dulwich Village or East Dulwich your refer to - two quite separate areas and price brackets. If you could afford "The Village" then of course that is a very salubrious area and no contest with Balham really.

If you are veering towards ED then I think Herne Hill houses are a tad grander and smarter but the vibe is not as cool.

Honesttodog Tue 26-Feb-13 16:32:35

Fairly sure we can't afford Dulwich village. It's a bit too prissy for me anyway.

Yes prob East dulwich, I have fallen in love with a house there but DH not happy with the road - obv Heaver estate roads are really pretty. However, houses only coming on very slowly so am losing confidence that we will find one there.

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