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Bathroom, shower, leaks

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nocake Sun 10-Feb-13 21:34:26

Not a good plan. You'll really need a shower.

zumo Sun 10-Feb-13 19:59:32

You can fix the old one
Cut out the old sealant
Make sure its dry and put some thing about your weight on the tray, then reseal, once its dry take the weight out, this is the correct way to do it so they can flex but not break the seal. But if installed correctly it shouldnt leak, you can place wood under the tray to support it so its not flexing as much.
You should always use silicon sealant too.
We fitted a P shaped Bath with curved glass shower screen and a 9Kw electric shower its excellent and remember should the boiler ever go off you still have a shower.
Tarnished chrome can be easily tidied up spray with WD40 and wire brush it or try a brillo pad, wear goggles and gloves just try a little bit and see how it looks as it may come off easier than you think

careergirl Sun 10-Feb-13 13:41:03

The bathroom currently is a shower room. The shower leaks because the tray - acrylic - flexes excessively when used and pulls away the sealant. The cubicle itself is chrome and its tarnished -badly.
The shower unit is coming out as its the only way to resolve the issues and a bath is being fitted instead.
My dilemma now is this. The taps on the bath will be those with the shower hose attachment. The original plan then was to fit an electric shower over the bath using the existing installation
Now my gut feeling is not to put a shower in at all just have the bath with the shower hose thingy for hair washes. This is not a busy house there are only two of us and our water is not metered so I think this is do-able.
good plan or not?

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