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What is Leytonstone like to live in?

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shonun Fri 08-Feb-13 02:19:28


My wife and I are considering moving to Leytonstone (bushwood area) with our 17month daughter.
We currently live in a 2 bed flat in Brixton, but hope to grow the family by 1 next year, so we are looking at 3-4 bed terraces with a garden. We love Brixton, but are priced out, and a move east would bring us closer to the mother in law (a good thing, honest!).

Can you give me some insight of what it is like to live in Leytonstone? if my wife is on maternity is she going to be bored (any mumsnetters meet ups?)? what local activities are there for toddlers? does everyone just go to westfields, or shop/entertainment local? are the schools good? and (bit off topic) how come there are so many hair salons?

thanks for your help, i just want to get this move right and give my daughter more space to run around in, she's like a bored caged animal in our little flat.

chanie44 Fri 08-Feb-13 10:09:31

I did the opposite to you, in so far as I moved from east London to south London.

Haven't been to leytonstone for a few years but I wouldn't have a problem living there. I grew up a few miles down the road from leytonstone, so I don't really know much else. It's well located for central London and going out towards Essex, loughton is very nice (full of city bankers, but nice shops).

I've never seen the attraction of Brixton myself, but I think that places like leytonstone will become like Brixton once the young trendies have been priced out.

MrsDeVere Fri 08-Feb-13 10:22:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shonun Sat 09-Feb-13 22:25:15

thanks for your feedback, that puts my mind at ease about moving there.
would welcome any more info still :-)

AphraBehn Sun 10-Feb-13 09:40:04

I haven't been to Leytonstone for years but I seem to recall there is lots of green space being so close to Wanstead flats.

I lived in Aldersbrook as a small child, have you looked there?

TheCyclist Sun 10-Feb-13 15:06:23

We've lived in Leytonstone for 10+ years, just off Cann Hall Road. Bushwood is very nice indeed. Quiet streets, big (relatively) affordable houses. There's also a very active residents association. You've also got the wide-open spaces of Wanstead Flats.

The area has improved a lot since we've been here. About five years back it went through a period of feeling like living in skid row, with pubs and shops closing and a fatal stabbing. Since then council has spent £££ on the public realm and it really has made a difference to the 'feel' of the place. The real seismic shift came when the Red Lion reopened as a gastropub. Argos, Costa and a mini-Sainsbury have moved in so It's clear that big business considers the area worth a punt. We could definitely use some decent shops - I'm waiting for a deli to open - but you'll never want for fresh fruit and veg. There's also a decent butcher and some good cafes, like Horizon. We've also got some good restaurants like the new(ish) Olive and the brilliant Singburi thai. If you want a 'proper' high street posho Wanstead is just up the road.

It definitely is a 'deprived' bit of London but there is a large middle-class demographic in the area (if that matters), mainly around Bushwood and Upper Leytonstone. There are some stupendously nice period houses in Leytonstone. I've heard of several people in recent months who've moved to Leytonstone after being priced out of Camden, Bethnal Green and Islington.

The West End is very handy. 20-ish minutes by tube. Leytonstone is much more central than some people think. It's also a very friendly place. There's the Leytonstone Festival in summer, The Leytonstone Arts Trail and umpteen cultural goings-on throughout the year. A small vintage 'n' craft market has just started. In short, it's a good place to live and underrated IMHO. There's no denying parts are very run down (like the southern bit of the High Road) and it does have its 'moments- - but no more moments than any other bit of London.

shonun Fri 15-Feb-13 22:54:58

really excited, getting foxtons over to value our flat next week smile
not considered aldersbrook, will check it out.

we are leaving daughter at mother in law next week so we can spend evening in leytonstone (partly to see if wife feels comfortable after dark, but mainly to get feel for the area)... any recommendations for a good meal and/or drink?

thanks again for the input, it helps so much thanks

bakingaddict Fri 15-Feb-13 23:39:24

I'm just down the road in Leyton, there are lots of toddler groups in the area and you have Hollow Ponds over the road from Whipps Cross hospital with a boating lake, swans and ducks, it's nice to take the kids just to feed the ducks.

There is also Brooks Farm in Leyton, great city farm with a big play area attached and there are a couple of soft plays in the immediate area, Tumble in the Jungle in Walthamstow although the building is getting a bit shabby in places but has a really nice friendly vibe. There is also Leyton Lagoon swimming pool. Lloyd's Park with the William Morris musuem is nice and has been extensively redeveloped just recently. Westfield is always busy of a weekend, Monday morning and Friday evening is the best time to go to avoid the crowds and with the Olympic re-opening this summer I feel this part of East London is on the up

I'd also recommend the Thai restaurant and Olive, apart from these and a few Indian ones there isn't much in the way of restaurants, it's not quite Islington yet. Not sure about pubs, there is a Wetherspoons on the corner but i've never been in it. Primary and junior schools are reasonable but secondary leave a lot to be desired at the mo and it's the reason a lot of people leave the area and go to Essex

MadBusLady Wed 20-Feb-13 16:29:05

We were looking in Leytonstone last year. Bought in another area in the end, but only because the right thing happened to come up there.

We trialled the Red Lion pub though, both for eating and drinking, and can definitely recommend that!

GRP100 Thu 25-Jul-13 19:28:09

If you want good value and a good house in a quiet area go to the Barclay Estate in Leyton close to every thing, good schools (not Barclay Primary) close to Central Line and Victoria line. Right on top of Leyton flat albeit it did catch fire last week, there are boating lakes and lots of open spaces, 1.5 mile from West Fields and the Olympic Queen E2nd park, only 20 mins from the city and 30 from the West End, but you will need to hurry as prices are on the rise. I bought my house in 2001 for £211,000, it is now worth £410,000 so hurry so as not to miss out.

GRP100 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:02:35

Oh yes did I mention that HRH Kate's grandparents lived in Leyton too.

Jemmer Fri 28-Jul-17 06:40:29

Im considering exchange to leytonstone too so glad for this post! I thought area is nice they seem to be making alot of improvements. There is trouble most places nowadays i liked the vibe. My son three so anyone recommend good primary schools thanks? I thought travel links good too im in chingford at the moment! But driving round preferred leytonstone! Funny as i come from loughton but love london dont get me wrong love country life but for holiday!!!!

Jemmer Fri 28-Jul-17 06:42:17

Im struggling at home with 3 year old need ideas things to do my other three children older teenagers only so much they want to do with you! It gets lonely at times any help advice appreciated!

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