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Will this set up work if we go for this house?

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MrsJollyPostman Sun 03-Feb-13 22:53:12

Dh and I have viewed a house which we both love. It's a 2 bed Victorian terrace, lots of original features. It has 2 big reception rooms downstairs and a small, thin kitchen, 2 big bedrooms upstairs and a boarded up loft. Also has a big garden. we would have access over neighbours garden for bins but no one would have access over ours. Only on street parking but there is loads of it and as i know the road well i know this isn't an issue. The house is probably smaller than what we originally wanted but there is just something about it. So, here is what our plans would be:
-front reception room used as a adult space to entertain and escape once dd (aged 3) is in bed
-second reception room to be used as a dining room with a table near to one of the walls and a kids room with a couple of armchairs (big room so enough space to do this)
-a utility room and downstairs toilet extension to the end of kitchen to make a bit more room (neighbours have done this)
-dd and any future child sharing for the next 5 years until we can afford a loft extension
-a large shed at the back of the garden to make up for losing storage space from not having a garage.

How has anyone found it living with this set up? This is the first house we will be buying, and plan on been there for about 10 years.

hophophippidtyhop Sun 03-Feb-13 23:57:54

Ha! you have just described my old house layout! we had a utility and toilet on the end of the kitchen, which was great. Our second bedroom was too small for sharing (hence move). we had a loft room with a space saving spiral staircase. we rarely used this room. Everything sounds great .My only advice would be that if you are planning on making the loft a bedroom in the future, make sure now that you can do it exactly how you want, and can put some proper stairs in.We could get up to the room easy, but I would say the spiral stairway we had stopped us. Do any of the neighbours have the same style of house and have done it? maybe you could ask to have a look.

jaynebxl Mon 04-Feb-13 07:26:18

This sounds similar to our house, except we have a loo and third bedroom upstairs and the main bathroom downstairs. We use the front room as the lounge with TV, and the back room as a dining room / play room. My main piece of advice would be to make sure you have good storage in the dining room because although right now with one 3 year old you can picture armchairs in there, as the child grows and is potentially joined by a sibling it will be overrun with toys and the armchairs may well be replaced with a dolls house and Star Wars lego! We moved here when I was 6 months pregnant, 7 years ago, but for the last couple of years feel we have outgrown it. We have just had an offer accepted on a bigger place and accepted an offer on this one. However I will be sad to leave our pretty, characterful house.

On the subject of sharing rooms, I feel like I need to throw a spanner in the works there too, sadly. If your dd is already 3 and you are thinking of another there will be at least a 4 year age gap, and possibly different genders. I do think that could make bedroom sharing for 5 years quite tricky, by which time your dd will be about 9 and the little one under 5.

Don't mean to be negative, because it sounds like a lovely house, but I do think you need to be careful.

O and we have a massive shed at the bottom of the garden too, which is an absolute godsend.

littlecrystal Mon 04-Feb-13 15:15:11

We live in a similar house – reception and kitchen/dinner downstairs + conservatory used as utility room. And 2 bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. My 2 boys share their bedroom and they are very happy. Reception is mean to be the quiet TV room, but the truth is we never use it. We are always found in our kitchen/diner, which is a kitchen/dining place/computer desk/TV area/playroom altogether.

If we did not need to move for secondaries, I would happily live in such house for a long time, unless my boys insist for separate bedrooms – I do not foresee it yet.

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