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Designers guild varese velvet sofa need cleaning advice

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Chihuahuas Sun 03-Feb-13 08:54:10


I have two sofas upholstered in designers guild varese velvet (violet) fabric.

I also have 3 chihuahuas! I have various tiny stains on them (which i don't mind that much) from a toothless wonder dribbling on it but also one threw up on it. I have mohair throws on the cushions now to protect from further dribbling.

The cushion is turned over for the moment as out of sight out of mind! I would love to get them cleaned but have found no info on the Internet about this fabric and designers guild themselves offered no thoughts.

It's nearly two years old and could do with a freshen up as well as this awful stain being removed.

I have 4 large bolster cushions that I've never used so I guess I could experiment with those.

Any thoughts?


justasecond Mon 04-Feb-13 14:34:35

I have a large footstool covered in DG varese and have the same problem as I have 3 young dc. I had someone round to steam clean the carpets a while ago and I asked him if he could clean it. He wasn't sure so I gave him a sample piece of the fabric I had left over and it didn't fare too well! It went sort of wrinkly and the made the fabric look threadbare. I have just left my footstool as is because its not worth risking it.
Varese is a beautiful fabric but really not practical at all. I have it on a smaller antique chair as well and the dcs are banned from sitting on it blush

Chihuahuas Mon 04-Feb-13 19:26:47

Yup I would never have it again. Such a shame as they cost a small fortune!

Designers guild say now it can be dry cleaned which appears to be incorrect. I'm going to follow this up with them for sure.

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