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Anyone used Weathershield Roofline Systems for fascias/ soffits/ gutters?

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Springforward Thu 31-Jan-13 20:09:58

We need new everything at the roofline, and we've had a recommendation for a local company who have quoted about £1k lower than local competition. We were just about to go with them when we got home today to find a quote from Weathershield Roofline Systems for £900 less. However, I have never heard of them!

Has anyone got any experience? They say they are a big company in the NW (we're in the midlands, they seem to be in Cheshire) but I'm really not keen on giving a large amount of money to a company I've never heard of, when we have a recommendation for a local chap we've met and like.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Rebecca60 Thu 09-May-13 23:47:43

Yes we have very good lads and the same as u we had loads of quotes for more money a lot more .weathersheildrooflinesystems done are very good job on our house and I good recommend them to anybody thanks hope I answered your questions thanks

nata1ie Thu 03-Apr-14 20:36:04

Did you have weathershield in the end, we like you are going through a quandary as to which company to have, the quotes are so vastly different making you feel uneasy about what you are buying, would be interested to know what and who you decided on and was you happy with the completed job. Thanking you.

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