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Purpose-built block of flats - would you have a survey?

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wherearemysheets Tue 29-Jan-13 17:40:59

Leaving aside the mortgage valuation, what added value would you expect to get from a survey in a purpose built block of flats?

I know the wiring needs doing and the plumbing updating, it's a 60s/70s concrete and brick construction - about 30 flats over 4 floors.

I know the surveyor won't do anything except look at the individual flat and any problem that affects the building construction will affect everyone so I'm just wondering whether there's any value in spending out on something which I think will be pretty limited in scope - anyone been here before?

lalalonglegs Tue 29-Jan-13 17:59:55

I think I would want to know what its construction was (could the bricks be cladding that disguises some unmortgageable concrete building?). If that could be ascertained without a surveyor and the common areas were in good nick suggesting that the management committee kept on top of things, I would just look at the service charges for the past few years to see what, if any, works are periodically undertaken to keep on top of things. You could ask the management team if there have recently been any claims for scary things such as subsidence etc.

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