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Britannia or Falcon help me please

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Honestyisbest Sun 27-Jan-13 16:04:59

help me! I am choosing a range cooker, dual fuel stainless steel. it comes down to Falcon continental 1092 which is the entry level model at 2.5 K, gulp or the Britannia L line for the same price.
One big down on the Falcon is there is no timer, I love this feature as I can walk in to a cooked casserole. But if you have either make please tell me pros and cons.

Honestyisbest Thu 31-Jan-13 18:29:33

We had the water softener out in before we changed our bathrooms. Our water was soooo hard, would have wrecked to new taps etc. I am pleased with it. You have a separate drinking water tap. I used to have to descale the kettle every 3 months!
Will update re hot/cold tap. I know you do need a separate normal tap too.
Or you can go for a three way tap, hot, cold mixer with side arm of filtered! Much much cheaper. However, not available on the swooshy shower head kind of swirly huge tap that I want.

reastie Thu 31-Jan-13 18:34:10

DH wants one of those shower head taps grin

Honestyisbest Fri 01-Feb-13 11:41:29

Yes I love them. I want this one Will make me feel professional!

gardeningsarah Sat 02-Feb-13 12:42:05

The britannia I've got has one large oven and then a smaller oven. The range is 100cm wide. It coped perfectly well with the roast turkey etc at Christmas. Don't use the smaller oven that often. When we rented a few years ago we had a rangemaster which was 110cm wide so the ovens were larger and I really liked using it. One of the other reason we went for Britannia, was I needed a range which was a 100cm wide to fit in with rest of kitchen.

reastie Sun 03-Feb-13 19:16:12

envy of that tap link! Thing is, in our hard water it would be a nightmare to keep looking nice and shiny! Have had the qwooker discussion with DH. He can see the pros to having tea pretty much on tap. We are wondering how much it is to install underfloor heating now. If it's £850 for a boiling water tap vs £850ish to install underfloor heating then heating would definitely be a better spend of money for us. But if underfloor heating is more like double that then would scrap it. The flooring we've chosen is underfloor heating compatible so just have to try and nose online for heating installation costs.

bacon Mon 04-Feb-13 17:30:57

I have a Brittania double oven - 1200 wide dual fuel (about £2k) I cant comment too much as its been in our renovation property for a couple of years. I used it for about 6 months. I have the hot plate in the centre for eggs etc. My only concern is the amount of gas that comes out of the large rings - you need quality large pans to take this industrial gas. The rings are very marked already and surprised how cheap they are. The grill pan handle is awfully cheap and I will be getting something made more robust.

In hindsight would of liked a larger oven as really its two standard ovens.

Having come back from Squires Kitchen (cake course) they were using state of the art ovens and somewhat felt that I should of gone with this type of thing.

I looked at the rangemaster but it was no comparrison.

Now we are looking at ditching the LPG for a eco burner unsure if hubby as taken into consideration that the cooker may go!

Honestyisbest Tue 05-Feb-13 10:19:08

Thanks bacon. I think I will probs go for the Falcon. I think the oven size on the Britannia (390 mm) is a bit small, its smaller than I have now. I will miss the timer though sad

Dyffryn9 Sun 19-Jan-14 19:44:55

Does anybody know of a range cooker where both oven doors drop down? I am looking for one, dual fuel LPG, to fit in a recess, so the doors can't open out wards. None of the glossy brochures I've seen show the oven doors open at all. Why not?

VanessaKimbell1 Thu 17-Mar-16 18:08:30

I hate had a dreadful experience Falcon .. the oven has been one of the worst ovens I have ever owned. Last year the hinges to the door have meant that the oven door fell off and it was fixed but less then a year later and the hinges have gone again .. I really cannot state how very disappointed I have been with this company, so no matter how pretty they are .. they are not, in my experience good quality.

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