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A question to landlords

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TinyDiamond Fri 25-Jan-13 16:31:39

We have been in our house for 3 years this month and are just about to sign for another year (would sign longer-we are not going anywhere).

The house is ok but not great and we pay the going rate for the size of house in the area.

I have painted all the rooms but the hall with very expensive, neutral paint at my own expense over our time here, cleared the yard and generally keep the place really nice.

There are some problems with the house, we have a damp problem which the landlord knows about but is reluctant to do anything about, every time I phone to say could you come and have a look at this mould he always says he turns up when we are not there and then doesn't rearrange. Before Christmas I had to throw away a whole bookshelf that was in my kitchen as the back of it had completely moulded (is that a word?) and rotted from behind and wall was covered in black mould and paint and plaster flaked off. I have had to clean this up myself but it still looks ghastly. I think this needs sorting and the kitchen needs re-painting.

There is also a patch of mould in our bedroom and the lining paper is hanging down at ceiling from where our roof leaked badly before it was repaired.

The bathroom is really mouldy, I use an expensive spray really often which is fine on the tiles but does nothing for the walls as all the mould is even under the lining paper that is there and it's peeling off.

I would like the landlord to:

Replaster kitchen wall and paint

Remove lining paper from bathroom, clean off mould and freshen up with anti mould paint.

I would really like our bedroom sorting too so I can make it nice again, not too bothered about him painting this as I can do myself but if he could repaper it so it was smooth that would be good.

If you had tenants who had been in for 3 yrs already, never late on the rent and prepared
To stay on. Would you agree to these repairs/improvements?

Sorry it's long

frustratedashell Tue 29-Jan-13 01:33:06

Surely legally he can be made to fix these problems? It sounds very unhealthy esp for a child.

TinyDiamond Tue 29-Jan-13 17:11:33

Today I put it to the agent in writing stating the problems, suggested solutions and said I'm waiting until I get a response in writing until we make a decision regarding resigning the contract. He will no doubt add a rent increase too like every year

specialsubject Tue 29-Jan-13 18:48:16

if you sign for another year, nothing will happen - hope I'm wrong.

if the rent is going up and it doesn't get fixed, why stay in a crap property? Talk to your bank about loans to bridge the gap if you really can't raise the money.

your credit rating or your comfort?

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