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Anyone have experiance of temp/emergency accomidation?

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poppycat000 Thu 24-Jan-13 18:51:22

Hi I'm asking as I'm soon to be put in emgergency accomidation, I'm very worried and frightened in my current situation, I have no control anymore and my husband has become very difficult to handle.

The housing options officer told us we may be put in temp housing atleast 10 miles from our area, how on earth am I suppose to get my son to school? with no transport?

I'm constantly thinking and anylizing the situation and this hasnt helped my mental state at all.

We are good people who work and the council treat us like scum, she basically told me there was nothing to rent in my area I just dont know what to do anymore I'm so panicky I havent been able to do any uni work and have had two days off sick as I'm really struggling to cope with it all.

My mum says I should tell my GP about the situation but I dont see what good that can do? Ive heard of peope contacting local MP's in same situations (well from what I have read online) how would I go about doing that?

Please help I've got myself into a right state.

(sorry for spelling some keys are sticking)

Thank you xx

specialsubject Thu 24-Jan-13 20:34:17

stop panicking, act like an adult, take control and contact Shelter for advice. The GP is for medical issues, not housing.

we don't know why you are losing your current accommodation. We don't really need to, but you need to sort it out NOW.

FishfingersAreOK Thu 24-Jan-13 21:42:32

I am not a relationship expert - but if you maybe placed in emergency accommodation because "my husband is very difficult to handle" should you consider contacting woman's aid. I do not post in the relationships topic - but AFAIK there is lots of advice available in this sort of area if this is your situation

If I have misread this I am sorry blush but please just put down to good intentions. If it is for you and your husband together then YY Shelter are the people to start with surely?

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