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how to get the neighbours on side for a loft conversion

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Fuchi Thu 24-Jan-13 13:59:22

thank you! yes we are on speaking terms and perhaps I could think of something else to offer. maybe at least offer to make the roof good, plus throw in painting the front of the house. it is so complex when there is joint freehold involved.

tricot39 Thu 24-Jan-13 13:55:16

Are you on speaking terms with your neighbours?
If not, get on friendly terms immediately!
At an appropriate moment, sound them out about a loft extension. They may have no objections - or may settle for a bottle of wine, a hamper or £500?? It is up to you to negotiate - the lawyer will always go for the conservative option (and in my experience they are unable to grasp that charm gets you a lot further than using the blunt arm of the law).
Good luck

Fuchi Thu 24-Jan-13 13:16:04

we are joint freeholders with two others in house converted into three flats. we have the top floor and want to convert our loft. i offered to maintain roof as a thank you to other two flat owners but lawyer says that is not good as mortgage lenders to the other two will probably prefer joint maintenance. lawyer says we could instead offer to redo entire roof (as we'll already be doing half effectively) as a nice gesture. i'm scared about costs and wondering if there is another solution. does anyone have experience? would be very grateful...

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