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What would you class as a small, average and large house?

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Angelfootprints Wed 23-Jan-13 23:39:47

Interested on others perspectives.

Our house is 108 square meters in total and I feel its small. I grew up in houses four times the size, so maybe Im spoilt?

DH thinks our house is fine but he grew up in houses of the same size.

Sometimes I have felt a bit embarrassed when relatives or dd friends have said comments along the lines of "oh its nice- but really small".

Then others have around and said it seemed quite big.

I suppose I class our house as small, an average house about 130-160 and larger anything over 160 square meters.

What do you think?

Wincher Thu 24-Jan-13 14:49:23

We are shortly moving from a 68 sq m 2-bed property to a 125 sq m 3-bedder and it's going to be palatial in comparison! This is in London too so it does seem big compared to the standard 3-bed terraces around here which are about 90 sq m.

Ours is tiny. Three bed modern house with 2 real bedrooms and a box room. One open plan living area downstairs. But, angelfootprints it's really just what you are used to when growing up isn't it? I don't think it will ever give you a good idea how big a house is just by saying number of bedrooms.

The home I grow up in. It's 4 bedrooms with 4 reception rooms and 3 bathrooms/ensuite. But the bedrooms are huge in UK standard. My bedroom has a full sized double bed in one corner. I have one wall for a desk and a dressing table. Another wall with a piano. Another wall with a console/bookcase. And then on top of it I have a built in wardroble. And the left over floor space, I think I can lay a double mattress on the floor. The lounge is so massive that we have a 3+2+2 sofa in one half of the lounge surrounding the fire place. The other half can accomodate a grand piano (and many neighbours have one). We have a playroom downstairs that is larger than our living room now. I know our plot size is around 1300 sqm because that's how we talk about house sizes.

DH is from the country and the house sizes are even more ridiculous. His was also a 4 bed, but the landing area upstairs is so large they have 3+2 sofas surrounding a coffee table layed out. Their guest room has two single beds, like hotels, in the middle of the room. Their family bathroom is so large there's a wall to separate the bath from the toilet.

This is in NZ btw. Everything I've seen is ridiculously small here. Except those on escape to the country obviously.

Angelfootprints Thu 24-Jan-13 14:58:10

Escape to the country!

I love how they walk into a kitchen about the size of our entire house and shake their head sadly. "Its just not what I was imagining. Its just so small. I can only fit 3 Agas and 6 tables into it. Sigh".

Yes I know angel. Ours is so ridiculously small that
1) We can't fit 2 normal bedside tables next to our bed in the master bedroom. But the bed is sandwiched between the radiator and the built in wardrobe. So you can't push it to one side either.
2) I measured the box room the other day and it's slightly less than 2m in length. You can't even fit a full sized single bed in there.

Somehow I don't think they are real sized bedrooms. They are just slightly too small for their purposes. (I've been told this is normal for newer houses)

Oh and I'd love to live in those houses where they complain are too small. Like you say, we can fit our whole downstairs in those kitchens!

Meglet Thu 24-Jan-13 15:06:11

Bedrooms is a poor indicator. My house is a shoebox, but has 3 bedrooms. No storage and the third bedroom has to have a small bed in it.

I'm scouring Right Move but there aren't any houses in this estate for sale so I can't check sq ft.

wonkylegs Thu 24-Jan-13 15:07:01

onelittletoddlingterror if you look at the report I linked to earlier in the thread it talks about modern houses shrinking in floorspace in the uk. Often they are to small for requirements and are shown with 3/4 size furniture to make you think you can live in it!

Yes definitely needs 3/4 sized furniture. I see it says 4sqm will fit a bed, bedside table, dressing table and a stool. I wish they'd make the box room 2x2. Currently it's just under 2x2 which makes it so annoying. We have the cot in it at the moment. We'd like to put a guest bed in there. But because of the size, we couldn't.

Meglet Thu 24-Jan-13 15:20:40

Ok, have got the tape measure out. My 3 bed house is 62 sq metres.

It is (and I find it) miserably small, to the point it makes me really ratty as there is clutter everywhere just owning the basics is a squeeze. It's not a new build either, new builds have things like en suites envy.

Yes, I am house hunting.

Meglet ours not a new built either. It's from the 80s. But I see it as new compared to the Victorian and Edwardian houses. They have much more generous sized rooms. Oh and what's with the really really low ceiling? Taller visitors keep banging their heads on the light in our lounge, until we changed to something that's more flushed to the ceiling.

Flatbread Thu 24-Jan-13 15:56:08

Ours is 1800 square feet with three bed-three bath. It is an old farmhouse and cosy, without bring cramped.

Flatbread Thu 24-Jan-13 15:58:22

To add, I think less than 1000 sq feet is small. Upto 2000 sq ft is medium and above that is large

ArbitraryUsername Thu 24-Jan-13 16:15:36

Oh, you can find out on the EPC. Apparently our floor space is 111m2 (so quite a bit smaller than I'd calculated). We deconverted the garage conversion, so we might have made it smaller. Although, our surveyor refused to count it as a room (it was so badly done) so it might not have been included in the EPC either. On that basis I really don't think 108m2 is small.

I hate the en suite fetish aspect of new builds today. All teeny tiny rooms with specially made tiny (but shiny) furniture to make the show homes look less cramped and stupidly small ensuites (where you'd get claustrophobic in the shower). It's all so pointless.

ArbitraryUsername Thu 24-Jan-13 16:16:55

111m2 is 1195 square feet apparently. I don't do this imperial nonsense though; it's utterly meaningless to me.

Arbitrary I love ensuites. But then only in proper houses with large master bedrooms. (As in those in Escape to the Country). grin But yes, in these tiny houses, they make them even tinier!

meadow2 Thu 24-Jan-13 16:25:03

1 bed flat/house -small

2 bed flat/ house - medium

3 bed+ - big

meadow2 Thu 24-Jan-13 16:39:51

I have just worked mine out its 83 square metres.

GreenEggsAndNichts Thu 24-Jan-13 16:42:06

Narked I completely agree about new builds and the en suite obsession. Tis lovely to have one, but I've seen some with multiples en suites, minimal space in the bedrooms, and no storage space at all. ridiculous.

meadow2 Thu 24-Jan-13 16:43:43

I am sorry to keep posting but have found this really interesting.Im shocked my flst is 20 square mtres bigger than some peoples 3 bed houses.Inalways thought my place was quite small.

Yes I know. How many bedrooms means nothing. The rooms should be proper sized! Mine are basically unfit for purpose. By the way, ours originally had an ensuite. The previous owners removed it. I'm glad they did. We put a row of dressers in the space where originally was the ensuite. With the ensuite. The space between the end of the bed to the ensuite wall would be about one door wide. And like I said upthread the space on the sides of our standard double bed is less than any bedside table we can find. Basically a room which can only fit a bed!

MegBusset Thu 24-Jan-13 16:55:07

It's all relative I think. My house seems huge to me (modern 4-bed detached) but that's because I have only ever lived in flats or tiny terraces before. I'm sure to some people it wouldn't seem that big!

chanie44 Thu 24-Jan-13 17:03:51

Ours is 90sqm. I always thought that was small but based on what others have, it isn't as small as I thought.

We live in outer London and our house is similar to what I grew up in.

thesnootyfox Thu 24-Jan-13 17:05:48

I class two bed terrace as small, 3 bed semi as average and 4 bed detached as large. I have small unfortunately.

Angelfootprints Thu 24-Jan-13 17:10:23

Its interesting though because in our first house in had really high ceilings and a big hallway.

I was convinced we were downsizing by a slight amount to move here.

Then I realised the old was actually smaller once I looked at both floorplans. Our house now has quite low ceilings.

I think there are many psychological aspects to how we perceive space. High ceilings definitely give a sense of more space.

thesnootyfox Thu 24-Jan-13 17:11:04

In terms of square footage ours is roughly 525 sq ft.

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