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French Doors

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Banglesdebelle Fri 25-Jan-13 22:33:39

Many thanks

PigletJohn Wed 23-Jan-13 22:32:45

you will have safety glass in the doors, for when people run into them. It is resistant to breaking (but not to burglars, unless you specify laminated). Get brass cabin hooks to brace them against the walls when open. Many people fit them near to floor level, but if you are expecting ever to get old, fat, pregnant or have a bad back, they will be easier to operate at hand level. Only the ring part goes on the door. You can get them 18" long which is better than 6".

The sill of the doors should be 150mm or more above the ground or paving level outside, or rain will splash up and cause damp or rot. Same as damp courses. The sill is usually hardwood, with preservative and stain or paint. If the colour contrasts strongly with the flooring amd paving, most people who are only moderately drunk will notice it.

It is possible to put in a french drain if you can't achieve the 150mm.

French windows usually have two halves which both open, giving a full-width opening. They may also have sidelights. Sliding doors usually overlap so that the maximum opening will be less than half the width.

Banglesdebelle Wed 23-Jan-13 22:03:00

Hello. I am going to change a window in my back room into french doors. The idea is to make the garden easier to access. However, I have been wondering about whether there are any issues with having the doors open in the garden. Presumably you can get hooks to hook the doors to the wall but at the end of the day have you got 2 sheets of glass propped against the wall ( am thinking football hazards). Also do you need to build a step from the doors into the garden as presumably the doors are not flush with garden. Has anybody had any issues with this? (tripping kids and tipsy guests) Am just asking as plan b is a sliding patio door. Thanks

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