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HOuses that are easy/harder to clean

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Mosman Wed 23-Jan-13 11:05:20

A friend of mine commented that I always seem to pick houses that are difficult to keep clean.
Are some easier than others ? We do tend to go for bungalows or single storey houses, is that where I've been going wrong ?

frostyfingers Thu 24-Jan-13 13:34:12

I wouldn't choose to have my kitchen as the room you walk through from the main door to the rest of the house - bloody nightmare! Not only do you get the general grime carried through, everyone dumps their stuff on all the surfaces. Our last house had an l shaped galley kitchen off the utility room which was the only way to get to the rest of the house and the dust that seemed to accumulate was awful. It was a much smaller house which I thought would be easier to keep clean, but it didn't seem that way. The rental we are in now is much bigger and I think the dirt must spread about as it doesn't seem to look dirty so quickly.

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