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Help me find a built in combination microwave for a 50cm wall unit!

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NotVacant Tue 22-Jan-13 21:49:54

I'm having some work done in my kitchen and would like a combination microwave with a capacity of 20 litres or more. Problem is the kitchen layout can only allow for a microwave that will fit into a 50cm wall unit and the handful that I have found have very low capacity. Does anyone know where I can find something to my spec? Have been 'googling' for days!

NanTheWiser Wed 23-Jan-13 14:32:43

Hi, I see no-one has answered your thread, so I'll see if I can help. I can only speak for my Combi m/w, which is a Panasonic Inverter (flatbed, no turntable) model. Most combis seem to be quite a bit larger than standard microwaves - the dimensions of my model are 531mm W x 534mm D x 328mm H (exterior measurements). They are not usually suitable for being built-in, as they can get very hot during use - and instructions for mine say that it is not intended for use inside a cabinet or cupboard. Also it must have sufficient air-flow, 2" at one side, and the other being open, 6" clear at the top and 4" at the rear. I would imagine that most combis would have similar constraints, being at risk of overheating if built in to a cabinet or cupboard.

NotVacant Wed 23-Jan-13 23:54:43

Thanks for your reply. Having done a fair bit of research, there are many combis that can be built in but I'm struggling to find one that fits a 50cm wall cabinet and has sufficiently capacity. Have found a couple but with only 17litre capacity it has less space than my freestanding microwave.

Have now emailed a number of the companies that make microwaves I the hope that they can help. Thanks again.

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