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Thinking of buying a 300 year old listed cottage. What do we need to know?

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matildawormwood Mon 21-Jan-13 22:23:34

I've no experience of living in an older property, as we're moving out of a modern flat. We're thinking of making an offer on a 1723 listed weatherboarded cottage. This is not a renovation job as it seems in immaculate condition inside - upstairs floors a bit wonky but that's to be expected, beamed ceilings a bit low but we're only short!. We will have a full structural survey done but I'm a bit nervous about taking on such an old building and issues like upkeep, maintenance, cost of heating, potential pitfalls....Does anyone have any advice on things we should be asking the owners? Things to look out for? Hidden costs to be aware of? Thank you.

Porkster Thu 24-Jan-13 20:33:03

Matilda, I don't really notice our low ceilings until someone really tall comes around.

One of our friends is 6ft 7 and he looks ridiculous in our house. Another one did knock himself out running out of the front door at speed, but it made us laugh so much, I can't look upon it as a negative.

I am so used to getting out of bed with my head at 45 degrees due to low sloping ceiling, that I do it even when away from home.

It's not oppressive at all, although you could never describe it as bright and airy! Our kitchen/dining area is fairly large and has many downlights, so it's actually quite bright. Our sitting room has no ceiling lights or wall lights, ultra low beamed ceiling and small windows. Candles & lamps are our friends.

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