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Planning permission in conservation area

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jenny60 Sun 20-Jan-13 07:49:21

We are going to replace plastic windows with wooden sashes but need planning permission as we are in a conservation area. Can anyone help with writing a design and access statement and/or a sunlight and daylight statement? I'd rather do this myself than pay someone as windows already costing and arm and a leg.


Sausagedog27 Sun 20-Jan-13 09:06:04

Easy to write yourself. Just write a factual statement about why you are wanting to replace the windows, restore them back to wood- thus enhancing the character of the house and the wider conservation area etc.

Best thing to do is to have a look on the councils website for guidance and at other similar applications to see what they have written.

I don't have a clue what a daylight statement is though?

jenny60 Sun 20-Jan-13 16:38:56

Thanks. Hardly anything on Council website, annoyingly.

Anyone else have any ideas?

PolterGoose Sun 20-Jan-13 16:45:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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