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how can i turn this radiator down with no temp control knob?

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Booyhoo Wed 16-Jan-13 15:00:14

moved in last year. knob missing on living room radiator. have requested new one from LL but no joy yet. house is freezing today but cant turn heating on as the living room radiator is up high and the room is stifling within 10 minutes while rest of the house is still cold.

any ideas?

PipeDreams Thu 17-Jan-13 14:10:33

There should be controls on both ends of the radiator, pop the plastic cap off the valve at the other end to see what I mean.. Either valve will restrict the flow of water and therefore the temperature.

Trying to force/use valves that have not been operated in a while can cause leaks however and I'd consider the possible problems before tampering.

Hope that helps! Dennis

PigletJohn Thu 17-Jan-13 15:30:36

take the knob off one of the other rads and it will probably fit. Please don't use pkiers or you will damage the spindle which is made of soft brass.

if it starts to leak round the spindle when you turn it, quickly screw it all the way shut or all the way open and it will (probably) stop. Try the one at the other end.

the adjustment on as lockshield balve is almost al in the first turn from fully closed. More than a turn and it will act as if fully open.

so screw it right down to closed, wait for the radiatot to go cold, open it half a turn, wait ten minutes, feel the rad at bottom, both ends. If to cold, open it another quarter turn. If too hot, close it another quarter turn. Only adjust it by tiny amountrs after that.

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