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housemad Thu 10-Jan-13 10:08:31

Not sure where to post this so posted twice. Anyway we are house hunting at the moment. I saw a house that has ticked all the boxes excepts the post code. It is 0.5/0.6 mile from the school that my DC really wants to go to but 0.2 mile from the school that my DC really doesn’t want to attend. Are we safe?

guineapiglet Thu 10-Jan-13 10:32:10

Hi, we had this conundrum last year when we moved out of county to a completely new area and were advised to stay well in catchment to be guaranteed a place, we rented first and now in process of buying, also in catchment. Iguess it depends on the cohort - a big year will result in lots of demand for places, and of course, how popular the school is, and whether or not you will fulfill any of the selection criteria....... also how old you kids are, as things change so quickly re admissions. Would suggest you phone the local County admissions team to get their best advice re postcode, as you usually have to select a choice of 3 anyway ( and usually they stick to this rigidly). Good luck!

narmada Thu 10-Jan-13 15:39:20

Depends entirely on admission criteria for the school(s) and levels of oversubscription. It is impossible to say based on the info you've given. I agree - you need to phone the council and ask for information.

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