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De-humidifiers - type and effect on electricity bill.

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Wingedharpy Mon 07-Jan-13 01:37:21

Can anyone recommend a good make/model of domestic de-humidifier and can you tell me if running one has a huge impact on electricity bills please?
I'd like my old house to be dryer than it currently is.
Thanks in anticipation.

PS. I know about ventilating and not draping wet washing etc, I'm just looking for the specifics as outlined above - thanks.

noisytoys Mon 07-Jan-13 11:50:09

I have a de longhi one it was about £100 and its fab. I can't say I've noticed an increase in the electricity bill. Maybe pennies. But I can see the difference in the dry-ness of the house smile

PigletJohn Mon 07-Jan-13 12:42:55

look at the wattage of the machine. A big builders one is about 2500W, so at 14p per kWh, costs 35p per hour to run. A small domestic one might be 500W so cost about 7p per hour,

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