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Howdens Burford - costs - aren't these too high?

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Jellibotti Thu 03-Jan-13 14:07:59


I'm sure you've all been bored to tears with costs etc for the Burford range, but I'd love some help. Am moving, with kids and trying to juggle a mass of stuff on my own. I also need it put in quickly and I think they're sensing desperation and general cluelessness! If anyone knowledgable could have a look and advise me what I can cut corners on, I'd be really, really grateful. It needs to be cheaper than this...

1 EA BFD5904 Bfd Nh 600 HL App Door 72.45
1 EA BFD5230 Bfd Wh Nh 600 Hl Base 102.90
1 EA BFD5359 Bfd Wh Nh 931 Hl Cnr Shelf Base 224.35
1 EA BFD5125 Bfd Wh Nh 500 4 Dwr Base 150.50
1 EA BFD5200 Bfd Wh Nh 300 Hl Base 86.45
2 EA BFD5141 Bfd Wh Nh 600 3 Dwr Base 248.50
1 EA BFD5200 Bfd Wh Nh 300 Hl Base 86.45
1 EA BFD5718 Bfd Wh Nh 500 Cc Oak Tall Glass 175.00
1 EA BFD5718 Bfd Wh Nh 500 Cc Oak Tall Glass 175.00
1 EA BFD5409 Bfd Wh Nh 300 900 Tall Wall 77.70
1 EA BFD5439 Bfd Wh Nh 600 900 Tall Wall 108.50
1 EA BFD5439 Bfd Wh Nh 600 900 Tall Wall 108.50
1 EA BFD5409 Bfd Wh Nh 300 900 Tall Wall 77.70
5 EA BFD5919 Bfd Cornice/ Pelmet Sqr Profile 108.00
3 EA BFD5921 Bfd Continuous Plinth 51.00
3 EA BFD5930 Bfd Nh base decor end 76.80
3 EA BFD5947 Bfd 900 Extra Tall Wall Decor End 82.80
2 EA BFD5955 Bfd 2310 Tall Tower Decor End 144.40
1 EA SNK1441 Lamona Sg Square Bowl Inc Waste 67.20
1 EA PLU5000 Sgl Bowl Dlx Plumb Kit/Twin App 5.43
1 EA TAP3531 Lamona Brushed Garda Tap 143.50
1 EA HYH1315 500mm Pull Out Larder 252.90
2 EA HYH1331 300 Base Pull Out Unit 156.00
1 EA ZZD39 Delivery 95.00
1 EA HJS9787 Kitchen Installation Manual August 0.00
23 EA HKB1155 S/Steel Look D Handle 40.02
3 EA WOH6660 basalt Slate Sq edge 3m 616 38 271.80 FSC
1 EA WOR9032 Slate Grey jointing compound 4.83
1 EA WOH6695 Basalt Slate 5M Edging Strip 3.88
3 EA GIR0026 Zip Bolt 10.77

Total Goods 3208.33
VAT 641.67
Estimate Total 3850.00

thank you very, very much for any help.

fossil971 Thu 03-Jan-13 19:21:43

Builders get a huge (>50%) discount on Howdens, it varies how much they pass on to customers but obviously it's fair for them to have a bit of a mark up. I suspect that's a fairly average price for a kitchen if you are not buying it yourself direct. I did my kitchen last year, I tried to cut all the costs I could and it still came out about £4k. I don't think you can get much below that unless you go to Ikea!

Do you need to achieve a certain budget or just want reassurance it's not a rip off? You could probably get a bit cheaper but it would be at the expense of loads of hassle tracking things down.

Out of interest why not go for a 1.5 bowl sink - you won't regret another few pounds on a decent, large sink. It would be worth saving elsewhere.

emsyj Thu 03-Jan-13 20:53:47

We paid about that for the Howdens Saponetta (cheaper range than Burford) including sink & taps and oven (but no other appliances). Our kitchen has sink with cupboard under, total 9 wall cupboards (2 with glass doors) 4 wall cupboards used as base units (galley kitchen), big cupboard to cover boiler, one of those surround things for an American style fridge freezer with tall thin cupboards either side and a lift up door cupboard above, a thin base unit to fill a gap and a drawer base unit, plus the oak block style laminate work surface and brushed steel style handles. I think it was £3688 (2 months ago) including a special 10% discount they were doing for October. We paid Howdens direct for it, having been taken in by our builder/joiner to use his credit account.

Not sure if that helps though. I can send you a design plan of what we had if that helps.

ElsieMc Fri 04-Jan-13 14:49:10

We have recently had the Haworth painted kitchen fitted from Howdens. I used a trade account and it was £4,500. Originally they wanted around £5,500 but I waited for the October sale which reduced it by £600 and then my fitter negotiated it down to £4500 with free sink /tap for me. They would clearly still make money on this so don't be shy about asking for a further reduction or an extra.

The fitter (who was recommended by Howdens) has his own business but wanted to photograph the kitchen for his own website because it was so nice. He said it would have cost me double in a kitchen showroom. I already knew this because I couldn't afford anything like this elsewhere.

Against howdens is that they don't offer a bespoke service really, you have to source your own fitter etc and a good fitter costs a lot. Ours was (two men on) £1250 but they recommended him via customer feedback.

Howdens did suggest how to reduce costs. We were originally going to get the round-ended cupboards, but he suggested getting the rounded edged plinths on the ends instead which look just as nice.

All in all we were pleased with the price, not one single item was missing on delivery and the delivery men were excellent. Locally they use a removals firm.

JanuaryJunes Fri 04-Jan-13 15:41:51

I decided against howdens for his reason. Prices so varied and discounts applied seem so dependent on who bought the kitchen. Couldn't get on with that random system at all.

We got ours from ikea in the End. Very happy. Great value, looks wonderful.

judefawley Fri 04-Jan-13 19:28:11

We have got the Burford Grey, got with a trade account and full discount applied.

I think it was £5200 for quite a big area with solid oak worktops and relatively expensive bits such as dresser with glass doors, wide drawers, butler sink.

Got them to throw in a few freebies such as oak upstands.

Have to say, the design aspect was great and they came to the house many times. But the delivery was a disaster. So many bits missing or wrong - it was a shocker.

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