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Help with choosing house in West London please!

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ameliacampbell Sun 30-Dec-12 15:13:10

We (my DH, 3 year old DD and 6 year old DS) are currently living in Chelsea in a very small flat which we will soon grow out of. We still want to live relatively centrally as DS goes to a prep school in Kensington, and DH works in the city. Our budget is around £3 or 4 million, and we've been looking at the areas of Brook Green, Kensington, Holland Park, Notting Hill and Bayswater. We would like to get a 4 bedroom house with garden in any of these places - and if you have any ideas of other suitable areas please say!
We particularly liked Brook Green, very upper middle class, leafy and particularly quiet, however the houses aren't as big there as in Kensington or Holland Park (even though they are only 10 minutes walk from Brook Green!). We love the community feel of Chelsea, do any of these areas have this?
Thanks so much, and a happy new year! grin

AllSoQuiet2433 Mon 31-Dec-12 18:14:37

due to the recession I think any area which has houses selling for millions of pounds will have a subdued market...I heard South Ken's market was struggling

funnyperson Tue 01-Jan-13 18:54:56

Had a friend who sold her house in Chelsea last yr for 2m because she inherited it and didn't want to do it up. T'was full of furniture. French. Needed work though and tis sold so no use to Amelia.

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