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Calling Landlords - Leaking Toilet HELP

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Keishara Sun 16-Dec-12 12:09:44

First off, I have never met, spoken to or corresponded with my landlord/management company except:

1) when we moved in there was an inventory etc. which my husband dealt with
2) to renew the rental agreement which was done by letter. When it was due to be renewed i also included a handwritten letter informing them that has changed my name (got married) and asking for permission to put in a cat flap. only reply was confirmation of new contract, no mention of my letter.

We have also left numerous answerphone messages about said cat flap - never any reply.

Now the problem - the bottom of our toilet has started to leak - its not a stream but overnight it flooded the bathroom pretty well, and the lino is starting to rise and it just can't be left like that!

What do i do? left a message last evening when I noticed it and no reply yet but this thing needs fixing ASAP - if i lived here i would be calling a plumber to come out but this is the landlord's responsibility and frankly if this follows form it could easily be weeks.

Can I send a letter and leave a message letting them know i'm getting a plumber in to fix it and take the price of it off the rent or do i let my flat flood until they get back to me?

Shakey1500 Sun 16-Dec-12 12:21:30

Is there an emergency contact number in the agency's paperwork? Or a "what to do in an emergency?"

It's not unreasonable if you have no way of getting hold of someone to call a plumber and be reimbursed if you've exhausted every avenue

ChunkyPickle Sun 16-Dec-12 12:23:31

I believe that in situations like this you would be able to get the fix done if you have no reply within 48 hours.

I know that on maintenance issues for my flat I'm sent a letter (by email in my case) with the following:

'Unfortunately, if we have not heard from you within the next 48 hours, we will proceed with getting the maintenace issue attended to.
Under 'The General Housing Act 2004' and within our service agreement, we are let with no alternative but to have the essential repairs carried out on your behalf. We are, as always, working in your best interest and
therefore making sure that no further damage is caused to your property and that means that your tenants are happy. Any invoices will be deducted from your monthly rental payment'

I would check with directgov and shelter on what that exactly means, but this sounds like essential maintenance to me!

Keishara Sun 16-Dec-12 12:35:04

Thanks for the quick replies!

We have called the only number we have - no "what to do in an emergency" type number. I will wait 48 hours if i have to but i'm sure that in two days without someone home to empty the bucket the water is going in to there is going to be a lot of water on the floor and i can see it's already damaging the floor - what should i do about the floor?

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