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Aargh, which Ikea quilt for child's bed?

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Rhubarbgarden Fri 14-Dec-12 13:55:31

Perhaps I'm being thick but I cannot for the life of me figure out from the Ikea website which quilts are for their children's beds. We recently got dd a big girl bed from there (Minnen) and my Dad offered to buy her a quilt, pillow and duvet cover to go with it, for Christmas. I've told him which bedlinen, that was easy, but the website just gives lists of quilts without saying which are for the children's beds. Can anyone help? confused

specialsubject Fri 14-Dec-12 15:52:35

all I can offer is that the 'Len' range are NOT what you want, as they are for cot beds. :-)

ILikeToMowIt Fri 14-Dec-12 16:08:25

It looks like all childrens duvet covers are 200cm long and 150cm wide. A fitting quilt should be 150 (not wider!). I guess both could end up being a little long, if you have the Minnen at its shortest (135cm), but I still think it is better to go for the longer quilt and linen than for the shorter (cotbed) ones, as those are just 120cm long. If your dd is still little and the bed set at 135cm, what you could do is turn the bedding by 90 degrees, so that your dd is under the width not the length of the blanket. My ds-s loved this, as they could roll the remainder of the length of the duvet into a sausage and this kept them from rolling out of bed.

Rhubarbgarden Sat 15-Dec-12 00:15:31

Thanks. That's a clever trick, although we've got the bed on its middle setting. I'm still a bit confused though. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and make the trek to Ikea myself. Urgh.

TeamBacon Sat 15-Dec-12 00:16:43

All cot bed ones are too small for ikea beds, so we use a normal single duvet but with half of it tucked all the way under the bed. Just the right size.

TeamBacon Sat 15-Dec-12 00:18:47

Rhubarb - the bedding specific to the small kid beds is v small, and the duvets are thin and a bit crap tbh.

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