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Any Scottish property experts?

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gracielooloo Sun 09-Dec-12 12:01:43

We have sold our house, and are now going to rent for 6 months minimum. Basically we are looking in a small area because of school catchment, our rental property is within that area thank goodness.
But now I'm starting to worry that if we're stuck in rental, house prices are going to rise and we're going to be unable to afford to buy. DP thinks I'm mental and I appreciate nobody can predict the market but any thoughts would be appreciated! smile

lalalonglegs Sun 09-Dec-12 12:37:56

I'm not a Scottish property expert but unless you live in ultra-desirable area (Edinburgh's New Town springs to mind) then I think the general economic outlook plus the uncertainty over the Scottish independence referendum are going to keep the pressure downwards for some time.

7to25 Sun 09-Dec-12 13:18:38

Don't know about the East Coast
I think that in the more desirable parts of Glasgow and in the suburbs the prices are holding up now after a bit of a downturn. Quality property seems to be selling quickly at a reasonable price.
Other property seems sluggish and poorer property seems to have stalled a bit.
That means either a less good area, a property needing work or one with inherent problems. A very few people are holding out for boom-time prices around me, these are stuck on the market.
So I see no massive increases while you are in rental although there may be a spring time blip. Good luck.

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