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New Kitchen - Flooring Question

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HollyDayzacummin Sun 02-Dec-12 21:03:18

Has anyone had the wood effect stone tiles as listed here:-

We are on a very low budget, it's a basement kitchen/diner conversion and I'm thinking my dog will be going in the garden and trawling dirt in all the time.

Wood would be my first preference, but I'm worried about dog claws, so this seemed a good option, especially with underfloor heating. What d'you think?

We're going white, matt finish, shaker style kitchen (I think!) with a dark earthstone worktop and an island unit with stools. Is this potentially good or bad? Please help!

Yorky Tue 04-Dec-12 10:06:40

I really like the look of those tiles - you're making me question our decision to continue our existing laminate from the current dining room and hallway into the new kitchen extension!

Our laminate has done fine so far but only been down about 16months and we have pram wheels and school runs and lots of toy car and spilt juice but no dogs! Underfloor heating is fine under it, but tiles are supposed to hold the heat better.

Can you put a link to your earthstone worktop as I have a thing about wooden floors with wooden worktops, but am nervous of a real wood worktop but don't like the wood effect laminates that I've seen, they look fake even next to my fake floor.

HollyDayzacummin Wed 05-Dec-12 21:15:52

Between the last post and your response, I went to the local flooring people and they recommended a vinyl style wood effect floor. It's got a 15 year guarantee in a residential setting and it's got a great slip factor, so I figured it would probably be easier to fit and slightly warmer to the feet.

I may change my mind a few more times between now and when we get the extension done.

Worktops, I'm just not sure about. I'm struggling with the expense of the earthstone and the granite, but I might have a rethink on that after we've got Christmas out of the way. I've got soooo many brochures coming through from different kitchen fitters, and I'm aiming to sell the granite to my luverly husband!

I'm talking to the builder next week, before we start with the extension and if he says the tiles look better, we'll go that way. If he says the fake laminate, that's how we'll go. I'll let you know smile

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