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The decluttering, cleaning, vacating, pandering, nailbiting antics of the stressed out house sellers

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Spirael Thu 29-Nov-12 14:08:31

Starting a new thread, since our old one was almost full!

Anyone suffering the stresses of trying to sell a house is welcome to join us; anyone here to tell us our houses are crap and/or overpriced is not. wink

MrsJamin Wed 06-Feb-13 04:47:04

Well done angryfeet you have presented it really well! If it's a good location and it's priced accurately it shouldn't stay around for long. I wish all the houses we looked at were similarly decluttered in the photos, it makes such a difference in how easy it is to see the room properly.

Toomuchtea Wed 06-Feb-13 08:18:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

claracluck71 Wed 06-Feb-13 11:50:48

Hello everyone, please can I join in? smile

We've gone about things a little back to front as we've just had an offer accepted on a property and are now putting ours on the market! The vendor is prepared to wait for us to sell and has taken his off the market - strange but true!

Our agent is coming round tomorrow at 2pm to take photos - they valued it last week - and we've just found out that we have a viewing just after at 2:45pm. Panic!!

I'm just hoping it's not too sunny as I won't have time to clean all the windows!

MrsJamin Wed 06-Feb-13 13:10:42

oh that's exciting, claracluck! The decluttering and cleaning was annoying but essential in getting an offer in! I ended up with a big box in the car full of bath toys, etc!

claracluck71 Wed 06-Feb-13 14:30:58

I think I'll be the same. My mum is coming round tomorrow morning to help, and will take boxes of bits back to hers - including the dog!

The trouble is, whenever I get a house ready to sell it looks so good I don't want to move!

Toomuchtea Wed 06-Feb-13 15:36:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sailorsgal Wed 06-Feb-13 16:35:20

Well we had an offer today but I have turned it down as £15,000 below the asking price.

Also after viewing yesterday am the agent left my front door unlocked and I didn't notice until 8am this morning. angry

CuddyMum Thu 07-Feb-13 07:57:04

That's quick to receive an offer. Are they likely to increase it?

sailorsgal Thu 07-Feb-13 10:49:56

Well they came back with a higher offer close to the asking price so have accepted. shock

MrsJamin Thu 07-Feb-13 10:52:55

Oh well done! We have gone from joy to melancholy as the house we were watching is not looking likely and I am not that keen on any of the other properties available. How long are buyers likely to wait until you find a property?

sailorsgal Thu 07-Feb-13 11:14:55

MrsJamin I wonder that too. I haven't seen anything we like/can afford so am not pining my hopes on this sale.

MrsJamin Thu 07-Feb-13 11:24:23

Have you thought of posting notes through doors of houses you fancy? I am seriously thinking of doing this but DH isn't keen.

CuddyMum Thu 07-Feb-13 11:29:50

MrsJamin, I suggested that to my husband and he looked at me as if I was mad! I think it's a good idea personally.

AngryFeet Thu 07-Feb-13 14:53:15

Not doing too well so far. Noone likes it. But too be fair my Dad has priced it too high to allow for people making offers. SoI shouldnt be surprised <sigh>

sailorsgal Thu 07-Feb-13 15:42:19

Well saw a house this afternoon. Some lovely features but not sure it was for us or not but it has grown on me. Great sea views from upstairs. grin

CuddyMum Thu 07-Feb-13 16:27:45

Ooh sea views! I couldn't live further from the sea. Lucky you.

I've just been for a meeting with my solicitor to go through the initial paperwork etc. Jees - the fees were much more than I had budgeted, leaving me even less to spend on a house.

sailorsgal Thu 07-Feb-13 16:38:26

I was quoted £700 plus VAT but said they would do sale and purchase which is a big saving.

CuddyMum Thu 07-Feb-13 17:50:10

Blimey that's good!

CuddyMum Thu 07-Feb-13 18:02:04

I have given feedback re the property I second viewed the other day and have offered what I feel it is worth. He'll put it to the vendor. It's highly unlikely to be anywhere near what they are looking for. Going to view a rental on Saturday. In the meantime, I'm still emailing around trying to find something to buy or rent, so for a change it's me hassling the agents. For some reason, keep checking Rightmove to see, if by magic, anything new has been added. Rather annoying the nice rental that has now been let is still on there just to torment me hmm

Toomuchtea Fri 08-Feb-13 08:59:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CuddyMum Fri 08-Feb-13 16:07:48

Well the offer, as expected, was refused and I increased but we are still something like £20k away, which we're not really prepared to pay. I've said to the agent I'll leave it with them now and of course if they'd like to negotiate further etc. I've had the old "neighbours down the road sold for much more" line - but I'm afraid we've had that situation too so, I guess that's just the way it is.

We're off to look at a scabby rental tomorrow!

Any luck with your purchase Toomuchtea?

sailorsgal Fri 08-Feb-13 16:33:20

I saw a great house today but hardly any garden so it will be a no sadly. It had my WOW kitchen aswell. sad

CuddyMum Fri 08-Feb-13 17:43:52

I would really like a nice big garden too. Such a shame.

Toomuchtea Fri 08-Feb-13 18:16:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sailorsgal Fri 08-Feb-13 23:53:41

I'm looking at a house with a big garden tomorrow but it needs heaps of work. DH is not here and I can tell this one doesn't float his boat! I see potential. grin

Our For Sale sign now says Sold which has brought it home that we are actually moving.

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