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The best and worst of your kitchen?

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cabbageandbeans Wed 28-Nov-12 20:10:30

What are the things you cannot live without? What are the things you wish you'd never bother getting?

My mum has a pot stand which is part of her counter top - only it is on the left side of her hob (she is right handed) and the serving area and dining room are on the right - therefor she never ever uses it and wishes she hadn't bothered. In my last kitchen I went for a tall fridge freezer over countertop space around the hob - a regret that shall be guiding my decision making with my new kitchen! Counter top space is everything IMO!

BirdyBedtime Wed 28-Nov-12 21:38:45

I love my tall larder cupboard that all of the food is in, the dishwasher and the big range cooker (not that I actually need it but it looks great). I hate the carousel corner cupboard as things fall off at the back which i have to then fish out and also even after 6 years there is still sawdust on the bottom that just can't get out!

cabbageandbeans Wed 28-Nov-12 22:32:09

what is the actual alternative to a corner carousel?!!!! I cant bear is always a disaster no matter how hard the itche designers try! Amazingly, in my current plan I think I may have avoided them! Just recently changed mind from a 'u' shape to a galley (?) style kitchen (patting self on back).

annalouiseh Wed 28-Nov-12 22:55:14

Magic corner is the best option for corners - but if you buy a cheap one it will be the worse option.
or a concave 900 x 900 corner base giving full opening

BiscuitNibbler Wed 28-Nov-12 22:55:27

Just had my kitchen done, and I love love love it.

Things I like most so far:

- My magic corner cupboard where the wire shelves pull out of the cupboard as the door opens

- My other corner cupboard which has double doors around the corner, which means everything is easily accessible

- My metre-wide pan drawers and cutlery drawer

- My deep drawer which holds all my roasting tins and baking trays upright in a rack, so I can pick one at ease without everything clattering and making a mess

- My swishy tap

- Best of all, the fact that my cupboards go to the ceiling, There is loads more space, it makes the kitchen look much more streamlined and I will never have to clean the top of a kitchen cupboard again!

BiscuitNibbler Wed 28-Nov-12 22:57:01

Cross-post, Anna! I love my corner cupboards now that I have one of each of the options you described!

Mintyy Wed 28-Nov-12 22:58:37

I love my Neff double oven and my Neff 5 ring hob with wok burner on the side not in the middle.

I love my engineered oak wooden floor.

I love my unique worktops - never seen any other kitchen with anything similar. They are like coloured glass.

ATourchOfInsanity Wed 28-Nov-12 23:04:26

Yes to counter top space. I wish I had cupboards that went up to the ceiling. My broom cupboard is silly as I never use it for brooms and is so big/deep things go in and never come back out again. I found a load of plastic picnic plates the other day that would have been rather handy for DD's summer birthday hmm
I love my big lader though (saving up tins and non-perishables in case of zombie attack, clearly) and separate cupboard for baking trays/tins/measuring jugs and all things bakery.

Mimca Thu 29-Nov-12 14:33:46

Good thread. I'm just about to do a new kitchen too. I HATE my black hole corner cupboard so can't wait to change it to something more practical.

cabbageandbeans Thu 29-Nov-12 19:17:20

I just fround a corner cupboard - it's in my laundry room so will be looking at these Magic corners. Biscuit - I want to know more about your cupboards that go to the ceiling. Do they start a bit higher than usual and if so are you a tall individual? I would like to know more as I too hate the dead waste of space gap at the top of cupboards and just love the idea of them going to the ceiling. What are the height of your cupboards? And where is this fab kitchen f yours from?!!! Atourch Interesting about the broom cupboard as have one in my plan - I have a million cupboards like that where I rediscover things that would have been so useful! LArder seems to be a good thing - putting it on the wish list. And I am also after metre wide deep drawers but have to figure out where my oven will go before I can fully commit!

ATourchOfInsanity Thu 29-Nov-12 19:25:10

I have an under stairs cupboard where I now hang my broom/mop etc as it is by the kitchen. Broom cupboard only really houses boiler with shelves underneath with a range of chopping boards/plastic tupperware and, well, who knows!
If you can tie string through tops of mops/brooms etc and hang on a hook then use the space for something more useful!
Also like the wide deep drawers :D

noisytoys Thu 29-Nov-12 19:27:28

I want a black hole corner cupboard for the ladder, Hoover, carpet cleaner, bins, mop, broom and other tall things that are laying around and getting in the way

MisForMumNotMaid Thu 29-Nov-12 19:44:49

I love my instant hot water tap, granite island (it was £350 for the top granite so not extortionate), joiner built oak shelves and oak larder style open cupboard shelves - for the size, equivalent in cost to better end Ikea flat pack but so much nicer.

I regret having a built in fridge. I have two, one is the bosch with drawers and is under my island, cooker side, so its not visible in other parts of the kitchen. It fits masses is easy to see everything because you can pull out the drawers. The other is under a long work surface so I went for the sleek look of built in. I find that effectively it holds half the amount, its a waste of cupboard space and an expensive mistake.

I agree with practical work space - some by cooker, some by sink and a big area for food prep laying out dishes. I also have a really long worksurface with just a small sink and hot water tap. This is very vulnerable to being the family dumping ground and takes daily effort to keep clear. It looks really nice and gives the kitchen a spacious feel but I could have done with more cupboards really and they would have prevented the dumping and created places for some of the dumped stuff.

nocake Thu 29-Nov-12 20:51:17

The best is a toss up between a huge fridge and a dual fuel range cooker.

The worst... the bar cupboard handles. They look great but bash against each other when you open the doors.

BiscuitNibbler Thu 29-Nov-12 21:54:26

Hi Cabbage,

My wall cupboards are 90cm high, so start in the normal place, but just go up to the ceiling. They are fantastic. I am only 5'4", so definitely not tall. I have a little foldable step that I keep in the broom cupboard that I use for reaching the stuff on the top shelves. I keep things there that I don't use very often and stuff that I kept on top of the cupboards previously. It just makes it look so clean and tidy. The kitchen is from Magnet.

I also agree with the comments about lots of workspace - previously I had hardly any, and had lots of stuff on the counters making it even worse. I have now got loads, and by having more cupboard space too I don't need to leave stuff on the counters, so I have even more space to use.

If you want to see the kitchen to get a better idea then PM me your email and I'll let you see some pictures.

cabbageandbeans Fri 30-Nov-12 23:52:19

Oh the hot tap! Mis I may be lured in! I read a whole thread about those and most on their spoke highly of them also. It would be perfect as I have been debabting about where to put the bloody kettle! Despite believing counter space is very important I have left myself less than I would like around my sink in my current but constantly changing plan. Probably about 600mm on the left and 120mm on the right side of the sink. The bulk of my countertop will be the island which is long and will house the hob at one end (about 600mm from the right end) and then the rest will be just counter....not sure how long. Still can't get my head around all the measurements but at least a couple of metres I think! This will be my prep area.......where would you suggest having the instant hot tap? Initially I had thought I would make tea on the right hand side of the sink. But would you put a hot tap on the island instead? Never had one, nor have I seen one in anyones kitchen but if I can figure out how to pay for one I want!

So interesting about the fridge. Do you have a link of your drawer one? I would love to see it/or similar. Are you saying that you have enough room in the one with drawers and that the other is surplus to requirements?

cabbageandbeans Fri 30-Nov-12 23:54:38

Biscuit whats a swishy tap?

BiscuitNibbler Sat 01-Dec-12 00:05:38

My swishy tap is one of those ones that you can unhook and swish around the sink. I have no idea of their real name! Hopefully you should be able to see it on the photos I emailed.

cabbageandbeans Sat 01-Dec-12 00:27:16

Oh my typo's! shock

BigBirdisSaved Sat 01-Dec-12 07:04:04

Lots of light! Natural and artificial. I have a solar tube at the cooking end and three windows at the eating end, plus LED can lights and Xenon lights under the cabinets. Also have a nice long uninterrupted counter top on one side which is brill for baking and cake decorating where I can spread out. Also gas hob and electric fan oven (which sings!) <3 Also love my big family kitchen table with nook and benches.

Worst has to be the Bosch dishwasher which has been a complete POS from the day the warranty ran out. My lovely DH has replaced almost everything on it. Fridge is 14 years old and is looking much the worst for wear as are builder grade ten year old cabinets. New (to me) big shiny fridge is in my family room waiting to be moved in. Oh also half torn up floor that needs replacing but the foundation needs skimming or something before we can put the floor down.

Northernlurker Sat 01-Dec-12 08:48:19

We moved in to our kitchen and haven't done anythng yet. It is FULL of design flaws.

I like my gas hob and my dishwasher. I hate:

That the radiator is in the wrong place - under a sort of breakfast bar meaning you get hot feet but nothing else

That the space for the fridge is non standard meaning we had a choice of one fridge freezer (which is ok actually but I dread it packing up)

That there is practically no worktop space except for the top of the breakfast bar - which is across the room from the hob and sink and therefore useless

That the worktop to the right the hob is tiny

That there is actually less cupboard space than you would think because the cupboards are neither as wide or as deep as they could be

There aren't enough drawers either. Were it not for the utensil rack and rack to hang pans from left by the previous residents we would be totally stuffed

That the side wall is totally taken up with worktop meaning I have to keep my microwave and kitchen aid there as no where else but I have to walk right across the kitchen whilst using them

When I redo it (this year, next year, sometime, never) that whole wall is going to be built in cupboards - fridge freezer, food storage (a lot of my food lives in a cupboard in the integral garage atm) a slimline cupboard for the ironing board. The radiator is moving to under the window. The hop will expand to a 6 ring range cooker and move a few inches to the right and the wick will move a few inches to the left and I will have under cupboard lighting, deeper wall cupboards and deeper drawers!

charleybarley Sat 01-Dec-12 09:18:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shesparkles Sat 01-Dec-12 09:37:24

I redid mine about 5 years ago and had carte Blanche to have all my own way-and I got it right- I love every part of it!
I have 1 wall with floor to ceiling cupboards which means I don't have the need for any other cupboards.
I have enough room to have the hob set at an angle across a corner- the kitchen guy was horrified at the "wasted space" this created, but it meant the I didn't have the dreaded corner cupboard to deal with either.
I have miles of unbroken work top space, with some of it being double width-it's fantastic.
Can you tell there were a LOT of design faults in the previous kitchen!

wigwam33 Sat 01-Dec-12 11:15:04

This is in our current kitchen, just about to get new one in new house.

Dual fuel range cooker
Big freestanding fridge freezer with fridge on top freezer underneath. We had an integrated one in our old house and wouldn't bother again as they are so much smaller.
Integrated recycling and compost bins - these were great, especially if they are right underneath the work surface where you're likely to prep most of your food, as ours were.
Integrated dishwasher.

Not enough side space to l-h side of cooker - only 30cm before fridge. This really winds me up and if I was designing a kitchen again, I definitely would make sure that there is plenty of side space both sides of cooker, but particularly to the left as our range cooker has a super large hob on the r-h side, so I always work from the left.

Kettle and dishwasher too near each other, so competition between stacking / emptying dishwasher and making drinks.

Pull out larder cupboard - far too heavy when full. Would just get a standard larder cupboard next time.

Things I am prioritising in our new design:
I've read that a perfect triangle in this order - fridge - sink - cooker - is the ideal set up. Although my current kitchen is small, this is the set up that I have now and it works really well as a working kitchen.

In our new place, we will have an open plan kitchen / living room, so a counter top that also doubles up as a breakfast bar between the two rooms means that you can talk to people while preparing the food - great!

Plenty of side space and storage space with high wall cupboards.

Pancakeflipper Sat 01-Dec-12 11:18:55

My larder cupboard
My huge comfy chair ( sat in it now)
My quartz work top
The sink
Having the goldfish on the work top so I can chat to them.

That I didn't get the splashback tiled up another row. Stupid me.

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