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Moving bathroom/soil stack

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happygilmore Sun 25-Nov-12 15:40:41

We're in the process of buying an end terrace house and are considering moving the bathroom. It currently is above the kitchen at the back of the house and we would like to move it to the boxroom at the front. This will give us an extra double room, but obviously has a cost!

Our surveyor's report says it is possible (I suppose everything is at a cost) 'but the foul water extraction is the main issue. A soil pipe needs to be laid down the front elevation and drains across the front/side path'. We can't use a saniflow as that is in the ensuite on the second floor, but that has some issues and fitting the soil pipe at the front means we can get rid of the saniflow to the ensuite (albeit a very expensive way of doing this!). There is a small front garden so the pavement will not be affected.

Has anyone done similar? I'm hoping we can do this for less than 10k but don't know if I'm being optimistic. Have spoken to a recommended builder who thought it was perfectly possible BUT qualified it by saying he would have to see it first, which is fair enough.

This is a forever home so we are prepared to spend a bit to get it right but the thought of digging up the front and sides does seem quite a lot!

Northernlurker Sun 25-Nov-12 19:42:48

No experience but the soil pipes tend to be pretty hefty in size. What's the front of the house like? Is it going to dominate?

Is ther anything else you could do? What about knocking down and rebuilding the wall between box room and bedroom to make two more even sized rooms? You could also shrink the bathroom if it's really big and have a box room towards the back of the house?

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