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Children's bedroom ideas on a budget

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Flatasawitchestit Sat 24-Nov-12 17:52:58

Posted this here too in case other section wasn't the right place.

My children's bedrooms are looking awful, messy cluttered etc.

There's 2 rooms:

Bedroom 1 occupied by my son who is 11. He as a high sleeper bed with a desk under, and he has a set of drawers. This is a box room so the only furniture that fits ok without room being too cramped. He is messy, and has Lego etc lots of books on his shelf under the bed. It all looks so cluttered.

Any ideas on storage for Lego / games / books? I'm thinking putting all the books away and desk things would make the room look less cluttered? Rug on the laminate for cosyness?

Bedroom 2: 6 year old daughter and 6 week baby (who currently resides in my room ) the room is a ok size rectangular as opposed to square OH reckons about 7x3 Approx. the room has a French / shabby chic feel daughter has a iron white bed and wardrobe from ikea with book case. All at one end of room, other end is white M&P cot. Most toys shaved under bed and I have sme small Verdabeut storage boxes but the room looks crap! I kind of want to separate the room with a storage shelf? I kind of know what I want but need some help! I like the verdabuet stuff but don't have a big budget.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

MoonlightandRoses Sat 24-Nov-12 22:56:31

Hmm - definitely rug in DS' room - do you have space to pop up either shelves or, preferably, cupboards on one of the walls? That would certainly help with the decluttering - if not then get underbed storage on wheels - IKEA have a good range, but would have thought most department stores would have something similar if you can't get to an IKEA.

In the girls' bedroom - maybe try moving the bookshelf around to see what a 'separator' would look like first? Also try moving the bed and cot positions around - that can make a huge difference too - say have one along a wall and the other 'against' the wall coming out into the room IYKWIM?

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