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Mins Sun 18-Nov-12 10:22:41

We are looking at replacing our very old CRT TV with a new shiny smart tv but unsure where to put it as it is going to take up more space than our old one. We don't want to put it on the wall but do have a lovely TV cabinet that we would like to sit it on top of (rather than inside which is what it's designed for) - however am worried that at 4foot high the TV will be too high up. Those of you who do have wall mounted tvs how high up are they and do you get a pain in the neck watching it??? I hate these glass TV stands and if we do have to buy something would buy a nice wooden unit but this is going to be very difficult to fit into our room!! Help please ......................

Mins Mon 19-Nov-12 20:53:20

Sweetkitty - how big is your TV and how big is your room? We are probably looking at a 32" screen and will be just over 2m away from it - do you think this will be far enough to not get a crick in the neck???

Jacaqueen - I know what you mean - we've been looking on and off for a while so it wasn't such a shock to the system and we more or less know what we want now. But I must say when you see them all lined up in the shop even the really big ones can look quite small. The guy in JOhn Lewis gave us some interesting figures on how big your room is - distance from TV etc to decide what size of screen is best for your room. I'm sure you can find this online.

Talkinpeace2 - thanks for that - maybe something (else!) we should think about!

sweetkitty Mon 19-Nov-12 21:01:52

I think our TV is 40 inches or something so large but not ridiculous and I'm about 3.5m away from it. I'm lying on the sofa just now on iPad and watching tv very comfy, no neck cricking.

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