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Building regs question

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indiegrrl Sat 17-Nov-12 18:55:52

LOL. Fantastic. Current owner being a real star to us, and will have no problem doing this. Thanks a lot.

bigbadbarry Sat 17-Nov-12 18:51:00

You can get retrospective building regs certificate - we had to do this when we bought our previous house, for a woodburner. A chap from the council came out, peererd at it, said well i don't really know what I am looking at but I am sure it is fine, and gave us a certificate.

indiegrrl Sat 17-Nov-12 18:47:26

We're buying a house that has had a kitchen knock through. It is at least ten years old and predates the current owner. Our solicitor has asked theirs for building regs certification, which the owner doesn't have. A structural engineer has reported that it is absolutely fine. Anyone know what happens next? Will solicitor simply accept it and move on?

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