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Anyone used Simon Boyd for curtains? Any problems?

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SunnyUpNorth Sat 17-Nov-12 14:01:22

It is 9 weeks since I initially went in and paid for their design and measuring service. We still have not placed the order as they repeatedly keep getting things wrong.

Finally thought they had got it sorted when I noticed an error with their measurements on the final form. They admitted they had 'forgotten' to adjust the measurements for different requirements since initial chat.

They are making me go slightly insane and they want full payment up front before they will fit them. Starting to get very nervous that the curtains will turn up and just be totally wrong and that they will then be a nightmare to deal with to get them rectified. We paid an £80 fee for the service as it is redeemable against a purchase,otherwise I would probably have gone elsewhere by now.

Just wondering if anyone else has any experience of them and if the curtains worked out ok in the end?

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