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Darkish grey carpet and white woodwork in the hallway

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ElectricSoftParade Thu 15-Nov-12 19:58:07

I would prefer painted walls but am unsure what colour to choose. The hallway has two biggish windows so does get natural light but I am unsure that if we go a bluey shade it would be too cold looking?

I would appreciate any suggestions. Many thanks ESP smile

Iggly Thu 15-Nov-12 20:45:42

What direction is the light from?

ElectricSoftParade Thu 15-Nov-12 21:13:38

East (I think). Have now had a couple of wines and was thinking "Well, as you come in the front door the windows are on the right..."

I need all the help I can get!

Iggly Fri 16-Nov-12 08:56:57


When do you get the sun. Morning or evening?

7to25 Sat 17-Nov-12 16:38:12

Slipper satin?

ElectricSoftParade Sat 17-Nov-12 17:45:45

We get the morning sun and by afternoon the hallway is a bit gloomy.

Will have a look at slipper satin, thank you.

MandaHugNKiss Sat 17-Nov-12 19:21:41

I'd be inclined to tone with the carpet, despite you feeling it can be gloomy in the PM.

How about Welcome (Little Greene) or Welcome light which, although grey, has a warm almost pinkish undertone. Think about mirror/mirrors and lighting to brighten the gloom.

Your furniture, if there is any, will also add an element of warmth or make things appear stark/cold depending on what you have... How are the windows dressed? Would you consider bringing in another, warmer, colour into the furnishing?

Iggly Sun 18-Nov-12 08:38:16

So quite a cool light then. You should work with it as you have grey - so go for blues.

this is useful

Iggly Sun 18-Nov-12 08:38:48

I meant to say it must be east facing.

Iggly Sun 18-Nov-12 08:39:43

I will add - we have a blue/grey in our east facing kitchen and it looks great. It's a dulux trade shade called "heron" - cant get it in retail stores only trade ones.

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