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Wooden washstands - sealing

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Secondsop Thu 08-Nov-12 13:33:06

Hello, we're redoing our bathroom and I really like the idea of a stone basin on a dark wooden washstand (I'm aware this look is probably a few years old but I just wanted something that wasn't all white sanitaryware!). But, how do you seal around the wooden unit? Clear sealant, as with ceramic/acrylic sanitaryware? Any thoughts are very much welcomed. We won't be doing the work ourselves but the man we use does sometimes make it clear that he thinks I have some funny fancy ideas so I want to be able to at least look like I know what I'm talking about if he says that it can't be done.

PigletJohn Thu 08-Nov-12 14:37:10

I have always assumed that wood under a basin is bound to get wet and disfigured, but that the fashion will pass before it goes rotten, and then you can replace it with a nice ceramic one that will last a hundred years and shrug off water.

Secondsop Thu 08-Nov-12 15:49:06

Thanks; I've pretty much made up my mind about what I actually want on the basis that i need a vanity unit with a cupboard in so it's either a wood-based one or a plasticky one, and I'm not looking for something that will necessary last forever, but would appreciate any tips about the installation aspects namely whether the unit is sealed in the same way as a regular vanity unit would be.

PigletJohn Thu 08-Nov-12 17:38:35

A marble wash-stand top would be more water resistant

I'm afraid I don't know how to protect the basin/top interface. I'd try clear silicone, but there might be a better way. I think wood is going to get black water-stains quite quickly.

try to get hold of the fitting instructions for the basin.

Secondsop Thu 08-Nov-12 18:29:44

Yes, marble would be better. The wood surface from the washstand is, apparently, waterproofed (although I know that has limits) plus it's wenge so is dark anyway. Hopefully if it's something designed for a basin rather than something I adapt, it'll have instructions and will be reasonably bathroom-suitable.

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