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Our bedroom has mould - what can we do?

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ArtyFartyQueen Thu 08-Nov-12 12:05:51

We're renting our house and our bedroom seems to be full of mould behind our wardrobe, bed and chest of drawers and on our windows.

The landlord has been round and so have others to see what is causing it but no one can find a reason. The landlord asked the handyman to clean and paint the wall which had the worst mould on it (it was coming through the wardrobe and all our clothes had mould on them) and we were hoping it wouldn't come back but it has.

We try and open the windows every morning and have stopped putting the towels on the bedroom door after our shower and have moved the furniture away from the wall to allow some more air but it doesn't seem to be making any difference.

Is there anything else we can do? The rooms smells horrible!

TheDetective Thu 08-Nov-12 12:12:46

Ask the LL to invest in a dehumidifier to see if that helps?

I own my home, but have problems with mold growth. Always have done. Mine is definitely due to excess moisture though sad Upstairs is always the problem - not so much downstairs!

PoisoningPigeonsInThePark Thu 08-Nov-12 12:20:38

De-humidifer, and you can buy anti-mould and fungal spray. Try and get rid of all the mould at once - it a big spray otherwise it will just spread back.

You can also buy a product with cystals in - which you can put in window sills and cupboards - then change crysals as they absorb if you don't have small DC.

If you can avoid drying washin in the house - or tumble dry if you have a condensing- wasn't an option for us. Make sure extractor fans in Kichen and bathroom are always sued and kept on past showering and cooking.

Some properties there is really nothing you can do - we lived in one it was re-roofed just as we were leaving and I think that's what it needed.

You may have more to worry about than just damage and smells. We live in a mould ridden property and now two of us have asthma. Apparently mould spores can affect the lungs of some and make them develop asthma and allergies. So long term you may want to think about moving on - I wish we had.

PigletJohn Thu 08-Nov-12 14:22:12

does anyone drape wet washing around the house, or over radiators?

the other thing you can do is open the windows more.

Does the bathroom have an effective extractor, and do you use it?

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