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Bathroom and Kitchen - have to be done?

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PoisoningPigeonsInThePark Thu 08-Nov-12 12:12:37

Oddly - I previewed the essay I wrote which appeared but not when created.


Basically house worth less than bought for, small fortune spent on glazing, wiring and heating.

Family suggesting we don’t spend more.

However they think in terms of negative equality – not an issue thankfully – but not in terms of large deposit needed for next property – which will be smaller in a more expensive area as that’s where DH now work – he lives away during week.

Lots on market in area not much shifting and all look well presented.

The bathroom is in an unfashionable coloured suite and some taps not working – kitchen dark coloured hacked around very old and very poorly laid out.

How do we work out if it’s worth spending yet more money ?

wendybird77 Thu 08-Nov-12 15:42:57

Talk to a couple of local EAs. Can you paint the kitchen and make it look a bit nicer?

PoisoningPigeonsInThePark Thu 08-Nov-12 17:16:02

No -unfortunately it’s beyond paint or new cupboard doors. It was put in when extension was done by previous owners - so it's older than me - 30 + years .

I was think of asking local EA round - though issue there is no one seems very impressed with local ones - still it their bussiness. Thanks.

ClareMarriott Thu 08-Nov-12 19:48:41

What type of property do you have and is it similar to the others in your area that are on the market, albeit they are not shifting but are "well presented " ?For example, if there is a pickup of viewings in the Spring, can your property currently compete with the competition ? People invariably look at the state of bathrooms and kitchens so I would suggest you try and tackle both. In respect of the kitchen there are companies that can just replace the cupboard doors . Making sure the property is clean, decluttered and has any of the outstanding DIY jobs sorted out will give you as much a chance of selling as the other properties

PoisoningPigeonsInThePark Sat 10-Nov-12 10:47:06

Thanks ClareMarriott - that was my thinking.

I think its time and money the nay sayers are thinking about - more time living apart and is the extra money good after bad they are thinking of and expense of living apart during the week.

Most properties are similar - though our has a downstairs extension which makes downstairs bigger but still a fair sized garden for the area. The ones selling quickly are well presented and sometimes with extra bedroom - 4 beds though there are some exceptions ones no one can really understertand why they sold or why for that price.

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