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Recs for a carpenter/ builder in N1 - replace missing floorboards

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Ambivalence Wed 07-Nov-12 17:40:15

There are missing floor baords beneath my kitchen cabinets and under the bath, where previous builders decided to just takethem out to make putting in pipes easier. These are now letting mice in - ugh- and so urgently need to be replaced, if anyone could recommend a builder/carpenter who could do this i'd be really grateful - I have found it hard to find anyone willing to take on these smaller jobs. I love in Islington, north london.

Many thanks in advance

VerityClinch Wed 07-Nov-12 18:31:40

Handy Squad will come out to you, they are excellent for small jobs like this. We used a guy called Rob over and over again for things like this, ask for him.

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