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Any builders? - converting basement question

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daisie4 Fri 02-Nov-12 12:11:26

Hi, I'm just after an idea of whether this is possible or vastly expensive. We live in a victorian terrace house, it has quite a large footprint and the back of the house has a good sized room which is currently used as a utility room. I'd like to change this to a sitting room. The front of the house is split into 4 cellar rooms, two quite small, a large one (under our sitting room) and an L shaped room under our hall. I need to relocate the utility room, the two small rooms are too small and the large room has a sloping floor which rises to the front of the house - over the 23 feet it the ceiling height reduces from 82" to 69". So I was hoping to convert the L shaped hall into the utility room (it is large).
My questions are:

- Will this cause a problem with condensation from tumble drier and washing machine, and drying clothes on racks?

- What do I do about walls? - at the moment they are rough stone (the house is made of large stones) some bits have been painted, but the paint is bubbling off I guess through dampness

- How do I get rid of the musty smell - will putting a radiator in do this? At the moment if I store textiles or wood in the basement they absorb this smell.

- Would I be better trying to do something with large room which has three very small windows

- Any idea of costs?


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