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White wood venetian blinds in bedroom??

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Mins Thu 01-Nov-12 20:03:34

Looking to get white wood venetian blinds for our smallish master bedroom. Big bedroom revamp planned for next year but in meantime need to get windows sorted. We have white bedroom furniture and are planning to paint room a duck egg blueish colour with a chalky mustardy yellow above picture rail. Also planning to get built in Shaker style wardrobes which can be spray painted in F&B colours (undecided on colour yet). We have wood venetian blinds in living room and much prefer blinds to curtains but am unsure about having them in bedroom and also wondered if white would really show the dust and look permanently dirty? Do you have white wood venetians? Any advice anyone can give?

shhhgobacktosleep Fri 02-Nov-12 09:18:09

We have white wooden venetians in all 4 bedrooms, lounge and dining room. We have large Victorian sash windows so I opted for the wide slat version and they look great both inside and out and we've had lots of compliments (infact the neighbours opposite have since got the same blinds for their windows). We do have curtains at the windows too but they are rarely drawn. The blinds make the rooms seem brighter and they certainly don't look dirty - they're operated with cords so the slats themselves never get touched to get dirty and get an occasional light dust over with a soft cloth but that's it. I'd reccommend you shop locally if you're having them made to measure & fitted, we saved £100s by going to a local firm rather than the likes of Hillarys etc and still managed to shave off a little bit more for cash.

ArbitraryUsername Fri 02-Nov-12 12:50:27

We've just ordered white wooden blinds for our bedroom (which is currently sporting taped up black bags as a window dressing; it's crack house chic). I had white wooden blinds in a previous house and loved them.

Mins Fri 02-Nov-12 19:56:25

Thanks for that both - very helpful. Definitely need the room to look brighter!

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