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Single garage conversion - best layout

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agnesf Thu 01-Nov-12 06:59:16

Hi we are thinking of converting our single garage to a kids playroom/ hangout room for when DCs are a bit older (DCs are 8 & 10). It'll have a shower room at the back so can also be used as an ensuite double guest room.

It'll be quite long and narrow - about 5m by 2.7m with a window where the garage door is & a roof light to light the back half. I'm trying to work out best layout for furniture and where to put the door from the main house as currently no door exists.

SHould I put door at front near the window which would give long wall to put furniture etc against or should I have the door about half way along the wall. 2nd option would split the room in half but might make it feel less tunnel like.

Anyone done this?

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